Scandinavian musical festivals for Hipsters

We start review from Finland and Festival "FLOW", which is already 9 years old annually in Helsinki. Peter youth loves to call the Finnish capital of the "suburb of St. Petersburg". Not entirely correctly, however, it is this fact (the proximity of cities to each other) played an important role in the attendance of the festival. This year, 63 thousand people visited him, among which were bye a lot of Petersburgers. The festival "FLOW" – This is the largest festival in Finland, whose poster is a variety of musicians – from Indie to Soul and Jazz, from local Finnish performers to European stars. One look at the list will give you to understand how the organizers are trying greatly: "Kings of Convenience", "Kanye West", "Röyksopp", "The XX", "Air", "M.I.A."," Robyn "," Vampire Weekend "," Cut Copy "," Lily Allen "," Yann Tiersen "," Björk "," The Black Keys " – All of them have already managed to speak at the Flow Festival, which next year will celebrate the Decade Anniversary. Concerts are held in Suvilahti – a former power plant near the city center. Age limit – 18 years.

The phenomenon of Swedish music is still not solid. It all started from the 80s when he stated "ABBA". For those who followed the thirty years, the world learned about such groups and performers as "ACE OF BASE", "E-TYPE", "THE CARDIGANS", "ROXETTE", "LYKKE LI", "ROBYN", "JJ", "Little Dragon", "Air France", "First Aid Kit", "Kent", "Iamamiwhoami", "Jay-Jay Johansson", "Swedish House Mafia", "Avicii", "Adrian Lux", "BassHunter", "The Knife", "Rebecca & Fiona » And many, many others. The Swedes are definitely proud of this fact and pay great attention to the development of new musical talents, regularly conducting various festivals, inviting them known only to a narrow circle of people of musicians. Since 2007, the music festival has been held in Gothenburg in early August "Way Out West", or how is it abbreviated called "WOW". Despite its "young" age, he quickly won the reputation of one of the best festivals in Europe. Every year, it is visited by about 35,000 people from all over Europe and the USA. "Way Out West" includes performances of local and international performers in the genres such as Hip Hop, Ind, Rock, and Electronics. In different years, European music stars participated in festivals as "Chemical Brothers", "The XX", "Arctic Monkeys", "Ladyhawke," Florence + The Machine "," Blur "," Kraftwerk "," Regina Spektor ", as well as Swedish musicians: "The Hives", "The Ark", "Lykke Li", "MIIKE SNOW", "RADIO DEPT", "LALEH" and etc. Line-up festival is impressive, is not true? "Way Out West" is held in the city park "Slottskgen", which is particularly popular with the local residents in the summer, when they arrange picnics here, play frisbee, engaged in sports. By the way, there is a mini-zoo in it (free!!) with deer, penguins, swans and ducks. Unlike "FLOW", "Way Out West" Sets the age limit at the mark of 13 years, for concerts passing in clubs – 18 years. The festival is loved to visit and the movie star, for example, a famous actress Kirshen Dunst, Kate Bosworth, and, of course, came here several times, Kate Bosworth, and, of course, the Swedish pets, Alexander Skarsgard.

About the same deadlines as "Way Out West", Music festival is held in Oslo «Øyafestivalen». Since the first event itself in 1999, the festival rose to the status of one of the largest in the country. Speeches on «Øyafestivalen» Pass in Middeldpark on 4 scenes – SJØSIDEN, ENGA, VIKA, ODDEN. Every year, the festival collects up to 70 thousand visitors! As for Line-APA, then on «Øyafestivalen» for almost 15 years of history managed to speak "Sonic YouTh", "Beck", "Bon Iver", "Frank Ocean", "Jessie Ware", "Metronomy", "Azealia Banks" and etc. Among the Norwegian musicians it is worth highlighting "Ane Brun", "Siri Nilsen", "Sondre Lerche", "Karpe Diem", and "Lars Vaular".

Well, and completes our review – Festival «Iceland Airwaves» , which takes place every year in the last weekend of October in the "hipster" capital of the world – Reykjavik (by the way, this year he will start smoothly and ended on November 4 – Tickets remained only at the concert chadliners – groups "Sigur ROS" November 4). The first festival was held in 1999 in the hangar for aircraft and after seven years later he was able to earn a world reputation. Unlike the festivals mentioned above, concerts are held everywhere in Reykjavik – in cafes, shops, museums, open areas, etc.D. Thus, the Icelandic capital is entirely a huge scene.

Scandinavian musical festivals for Hipsters

Line-AP: Most performers are local, for example: "BJORK", "SOLEY", "GUS GUS", "LOCKERBIE", "MYRRA ROS", "SYKUR", "óLAFUR ARNALDS"… but foreign stars are also arrived: TV On The Radio, Klaxons, "The Vaccines", "Flaming Lips", "Fatboy Slim", "Wolf Parade" and etc. Age restriction at the festival – 20 years.

As a small resume. Visit «Iceland Airwaves» Recommended by everyone who is more interested in indius and post-rock music. "Flow", "Way Out West" and «Øyafestivalen» Every year they are approximately the same deadlines (the first second week of August), which is important – Line-AP often intersects. So if you choose between the first three festivals, then it is worth thinking about visiting the Swedish "Way Out West".

Scandinavian musical festivals for Hipsters

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