Scandinavian disneyland

Tivoli is often compared with the famous Disneyland Park. However, this comparison is not entirely correct. In fact, this Walt Disney was inspired by Carstensen’s creation, creating his own park, and not the opposite. Tivoli himself – one of the first entertainment parks in the world – was opened in 1843, when Disneyland has not yet been erected even in fantasies. The first Disneyland, built in California, was opened only on July 17, 1955.

Danish comfort

To date, Tivoli, occupying eight hectares of the square in the center of the Danish capital, is the third largest European Parc afternoon after Parisian Euro Disneyland and British Park Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Tivoli entertainment park was built on the site of former fortifications in the heart of Copenhagen, on the south side of the Town Hall Square. By the way, borrowing the Americans with an uncomfortable idea of ​​franchising, Danes in 1997 opened Tivoli in the Japanese city of durab, which is a little west of Osaka. And in the near future, the park with the same name is planned to open in Athens.

Until today, Tivoli retained hardly the catchy charm of the Andersen century, when in full harmony with the world around you, as if a five-year-old child, surprised everything that happens around. And around, as a rule, some very simple things happen – the orchestra plays, in the concert hall they give another idea, intrigue to the fockers, somewhere nearby the ferris wheel moves and somehow the boats on the lake. But after all, it was the simplicity of new discoveries that was so surprised us at that very five years, is not true?

It seems that the Danes are specifically leaving you in your childhood. At the same time, temperate in all of the Scandinavians do not even try to keep up with the crazy development of technology, in contrast to the same Americans. In Tivoli to this day, the use of plastic, neon and other seductive jokes of technical progress is prohibited.

The descendants of the most famous fairy tale in the world virtuoso managed to disguise the trends of the century currently multicolored lollipops, tin soldiers, slightly labored verandas of cozy restaurants and wooden bridges of the century. So all that time while you walk in the park, you do not leave the feeling that you are in the very garden of your grandmother, where your childhood passed. Only now this garden is decorated with 160 thousand roses, chrysanthemums and tulips, and above the entrance to it there is a slightly archaic on the style of execution "Tivoli".

Therefore, in Tivoli you can not be uncomfortable. And this is exactly what Dane is achieved. After all, the comfort itself is also the style of Danish daily life. The restaurant in which you went to drink beer or the schnapps in the evening, should be comfortable. Your sweater is of course very comfortable. Finally, Tivoli Park, where you went with children – this is the most comfortable place in the city. Not by chance, from the moment of opening the park, it was visited by more than 275 million people, of which more than four million – during the last summer season. According to statistics, 70% of Tivoli visitors – Danes, followed by the Swedes (10%), and another 20% – foreigners.

How much the Danes like comfort and herself in it, eloquently say the fact that it was in Copenhagen who once appeared in the world in the world. Pedestrian area – Stroget shopping street. And, of course, she leads to Tivoli Park.

Royal this case

Despite the pacifying atmosphere and several old-fashioned charm, Tivoli is not boring. The child will be admired by many attractions, a carousel, made in the form of small veiking ships, or the biggest in Dennation – "american slurry" with intriguing children’s hearing name "Daemon", whose passengers rush at a speed of 80 km / h. Copenhagen Tineger will surely take his girlfriend in this park, and fans of recognized art will find themselves at the traditional jazz festival or theater representation.

In the oldest Park Building – the Pantomime Theater, built in 1874, are still given daily performances on a well-known every sensant stylized under the Chinese scene. The repertoire of the theater consists of sixteen different comedy ideas, including Trio Piero, Colombina and Harlequin – Characters, continuing to amuse the inhabitants of Copenhagen since 1844. These heroes are so loved by Copenhagenians, that one of them is a white clown – even became a symbol of Tivoli. Entrance to the theater is free.

This year, the theater took place the premiere of the new ballet-mantomime entitled "Love in the landfill", In the creation of which the Queen of Denmark Margret II took part. Ballet was created, naturally, based on the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, and the 60-year-old Queen Margret, who loves the Pantomime Theater in Tivoli and was repeatedly present on performances during walks in the park, for the first time took part in creating a performance as a decorator and artist costumes.

In addition, in the center of the park there is a large open-air scene, where it is also completely free of charge for viewers almost daily give presentations a variety of artists – from clowns and acrobats to jazz and ethnic musical groups. Daily visitors of the park are offered more than thirty different performances.

Several times a week in the park passes a colorful parade of the boys of Tivoli boys, and the evening ends with colorful fireworks. It was at these moments that the Park Center – with his lake, fountain and strange pagoda, it is not clear where there we took, – rightly refer to the most romantic place in Denmark. At least all this makes sense to see together.

In the modern concert hall, Tivolis Koncertsal are highly professional performers, give an idea of ​​the orchestra, led by the Eminist. Built in 1956, the hall accommodates two thousand spectators, and the seasons held here (they start in April and continue for more than five months) were named in the media "one versatile music festival in the world". There are concerts of a wide variety of classic directions – from symphony to opera. Moreover, many ideas are free; When world celebrities participate in concerts, tickets for good places are from 200 to 400 Danish kroons (33-67 dollars).

This year, Tivoli passed twenty-five rock-, funk and pop concerts with the participation of stars as sting, Texas and Beach Boys, 126 concerts of classical music and ballet, as well as 280 concerts of jazz.

Tivoli restaurants deserve separate attention. For many residents of Copenhagen, the annoying visit to the restaurant together with relatives or friends is the same tradition as in England – the custom of walking on the pubs. Twenty-four restaurants of the park are ready to please the most diverse tastes of their visitors – both gastronomic and price. The most notable Tivoli restaurant from the moment of its foundation was moored to the banks of the park lake recharged, but quite real Frigate ST. George.

Like small children

Hike in Tivoli with a child – a separate story. Park as if created in order to make it happy. For this purpose, a special paper bracelet is invented, which is attached to the hand to the child and, in fact, personifies the ticket for all the rides of the park with the right to visit each of them any number of times. True, parents for this children’s pleasure at the entrance will have to post 195 Danish crowns (27 euros). Skip to any six attractions with the same right unlimited visit them costs 145 crowns. Buying a ticket for each attraction separately, you will have to pay 15 kroons every time.

Scandinavian disneyland

Danes guessed to make all rides in the park at once in three copies – for small, for older children and adults. The approximate age of the child is determined very simply – by growth. To do this, next to each attraction is a wooden figure of a person with elongated hands on a certain height. If the park worker doubts the age of the child, he brings him to this scarecrow and hears his impressions with the indications of the growth rate.

One of the most beloved places in the park and at the same time one of the most ruins for parent wallets is the store dedicated to the famous Teddy’s Bear. At the entrance to the store, a child can choose his bear in the form of just a skirt, which he will help him to fill with the filler chosen by him. Then the chain will follow a lot of operations in which the chief creator of the new friend will be exclusively your child. Having fulfilled a special ritual, the bear will enter the heart, pick it up in winter and summer clothes, shoes, fashion accessories and T. D. and T. NS. If necessary, immediately gather a girlfriend. In the same store, you can, for example, to acquire musical instruments, if the bear will want to become a musician, you can buy him a car … In general, anything – for the money of parents, who are supposed to be happy with the fact that their child is jumping From delight and runs in the next thematic department Teddy.

Christmas in Tivoli

Actually, Tivoli is not open every day a year. There are two seasons in the park – summer, which lasts from mid-April to the end of September, and Christmas, which is the so-called Christmas Fair, usually open from the end of November until December 23. At this time, a mass of shops with the most different sweets from all over the world appear in the park and, in particular, with Christmas marzipan pigs, which are so popular in Scandinavia. It is allowed to sell Mulled wine on the streets. Present national domain of Denmark – CARLSBERG beer becomes a little darker in these weeks and is served everywhere under the name "Special Christmas beer". Copenhagenians seek Tivoli for christmas decorations and gifts.

For the first time, the Christmas fair in Tivoli was organized in 1994 and became more and more popular every year, not only Danes, but also in many foreigners who were striving for these days to get to Copenhagen. Only last year more than a million people visited the fair. This year, for the first time it will not close on December 23, but will continue to work until December 30.

At the same time, Tivoli decorators are trying to surprise guests with new illumination, an unexpected design solution of the Park Christmas decoration. This year, the efforts of the French artist Stef Gravelet in the park appeared a huge snow palace, and in the middle of the lake grew "Crystal tree", Created from thousands of small light bulbs of blue and white and white and two hundred mirrors.

Tivoli’s big christmas tree this year was decided to decorate with two hundredstar garlands consisting of a total of 24 thousand small light bulbs. The park administration took three weeks so that the Christmas tree was decorated as it was conceived. More than 1800 garlands were used to decorate trees around the central Lake Park. Five kilometers of garlands used to decorate Christmas firings throughout Tivoli and a kilometer – to illuminate park buildings.

Every year, Tivoli appears greeting cards created on the basis of any unique design. Some Christmas cards Tivoli This season was performed based on the works of Andy Warhol, which from 1956 to 1962 created several series of Christmas cards in his unique manner. New York Tiffany this year also provided the administration of the right to use one of their Christmas trees designs.

Throughout the Christmas season on Tivoli, Santa Claus walks, having crushing candy children, interested in their most cherished New Year desires and gladly photographing with each of their young admirers.

At the same time, the expectation of Santa or the next musical and light presentation in Tivoli necessarily turns into some very spiritual pastime. This is due to very simple things – whether it is a glass of mulled wine, drunk with someone who, as well as you, stands at the railing of the lake, looking at flashades over the water, or the conversation "Neither" near one of the tripod with hot coal, which can be pregnant. Everything is very simple. But such, probably, there must be christmas.

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