scampish notes.

I don’t know whether anyone will be interested to read all this, but I was undoubtedly extremely interesting to write it, which once experienced everything that it is written here. So, during the vacation, I was lucky to get to the capital of Europe – Brussels. My Bath is running there in the embassy and now made a call.

I understood that there was an extremely interesting trip, but what was in fact, my Soviet imagination could not portray.

The flight took place on our IL-86, which was preface to the mass of impressions obtained further. They flew high and above the densely, because the surroundings had to be overlooked only before landing. They have airplanes enter the landing sharply, not as we have – scaring all surrounding long-term flights at low height. As soon as we emerged from the clouds, the first thing appeared to our gaze was a huge – tier in four – road junction. Maybe it will sound like, but the junction is really a grand sight. The incomprehensive hectares of the overpass with a pair of three trades from all of this roads. It seems that someone wounds with an incomprehensible way of paper strips. A small piece of the city, seen in a short time of the decline rather reminded our village than a large city – small houses surrounded by kindergartens, narrow streets and the complete absence of any movement.

The path from the airport to the embassy is quite long, but on the Volkswan gene, which is driving us, it seemed very short. Considering that I had to travel on a foreign car only on my own wedding, which was 3 years ago, this trip "with the wind" was also a continuation of that interesting entry.

Whether from a little fatigue, but from unaccustomed to the great volume of new impressions, almost never felt that they are in another country – except in another, more beautiful city.

Our Embassy in Brussels – Conduct. A huge territory, all in greenery, a rather large pond with swans and huge carpashers that our already tried to catch, but they turned out to be unnecessary that they were saved.

We flew there on Saturday, and on Monday, going away from the consequences of a welcoming meeting, went to the city. On foot. But it turned out that it was not accepted so moving around the city. And before that, the sidewalks along the roads are made so narrow that it is simply impossible to go along. So we stretched in the chain – wife, my brother and I. It must be said that our embassy is in one of the most prestigious and expensive areas of the city. Houses there are only private, but what kind of houses. Two-three-year-old mansioning architecture with huge windows and mandatory underground garage, entry into which is so cool that it seems on the Zhiguli from there just do not get out (save the earth – she is very expensive there). The territory fitted to the houses is not fenced with a fence, but a thick shrub is notated around, which is the territory of the territory. These shrubs are relevant and very carefully cut. And so exactly that every time you ask the question – how can you cut so smoothly, and the hand does not get droglenet. Everything turned out to be simple. Shrubs Streaming in a sober form by special machines similar to grass windows, with moving relative to each other with blades. This mower can be arranged horizontally or vertically. The wheels that are coming to them, roll on asphalt, which is that guide. In short, the process of hairstyle is comfortable and even interesting, and the result can be seen near each house. Inside the territory, a thoroughly trimmed lawn is usually located and there may be some other plantations (not an apple tree, of course), but that’s all that is open. The most interesting hidden behind the house. There may be a small playground, swimming pool, but you never know what else. True there our person is not in.

Gate or any other barriers are very rare, that is, you can freely enter the territory and even in the house, no one will interfere. But the fact is that it is not accepted! And so usually no one is doing. Did not try and we. However, when we noticed, the blocks of the security system are hanging on many homes, and in some places even installed charts, carefully disguised in the denser of shUSD But there it is probably only a luxury, and not a need.

Streets are really very narrow – for a number of there and back. And since on both sides of the road, there are cars (which further narrows the sideways – AR), you can ride on them only on passenger cars – trucks and auto tours are passing hard. However, in this area, trucks do not go. The presence of cars on the road suggests that there is not one in the house, and most likely, not even two cars, but more. And despite this, it seems that the money is saved even here – the second-third car is usually very small – the urban version. By the way, such babies now produce almost all famous European traffic police. Many models in Moscow did not see at all, and a small lupidish Renault caused a special delight of us. However, everyone looks attractive there, they are always clean, in addition, in this area, no one will allow themselves to have a luxury to have an old or a little bit of car.

Roads are covered with smooth asphalt, which seems extremely silver, which should provide high grip. The impression that you can accelerate. But it was not there – through rather short simulants on the road, protrusions were made, passing through which on high speed very easy to stay without wheels. Each such protrusion is indicated by a special sign. Drive, as it is clear, all, but the impression that women are always driving. Getting accustomed to alertness to treat this phenomenon in Moscow, there I, too, kept twitching, freezing the lady driving, but it turned out that it is quite safe. There the pedestrian always has advantageous. That is, if you go through the road and see a racing car, you can safely go further – she will still stop. And the driver will not get to you with the curses, and simply with a cute smile set into the details, while you go. Oh, how quickly get used to good!

Coming out of this area we got into a regular city. The streets are satisfied there, often you can meet trams, and the people of walking will. At home and here they do not differ height – maximum 4 floors. But this is no longer private houses. Interesting detail, at home are built on each other (in general without a gap), and the architecture of the neighboring parts is usually very strong. But, nevertheless, huge, no closed windows allow you to view the tremendous, often through rooms. This is the usual city apartments. They are not located as we – on one floor, but occupy the entire riser of the house – from the bottom to the top. Usually in the lower floor are not housing, but some shop or restaurant. And such a multiple houses of houses often stretches all over the street.

As you approach the center, the number and variety of various institutions increases. Beautifully decorated showcases and signs of bezzling attract attention. So it is waved to go inside what we did, coming up to the next door. Inside the people usually little, and therefore the seller always has the opportunity to say hello to you and ask what interests. But the trouble is in French. And neither I nor a wife nor a brother in this matter is not screwing. However, after our phrase "Sorry, We Speak English" All problems disappear. Surprisingly, but in almost any store the seller is thin, but can explain in English. And many so eloquent that our very scant school-instigative knowledge does not allow us to fully understand them. But in our does not speak English. So going through the streets and talking we felt like real foreigners.

Let me make a little retreat. Belgium – the country of two languages ​​- it really happened historically. These languages ​​are French and Flemish. Brussels is located in the area where the main language is Manda, but in the city itself almost everyone speaks French. However, so as not to allocate one of the languages ​​in the capital, all the names, road signs, the word all text information is written in two languages. Interestingly, Franco-Public and Flemish Belkytians are not very good to each other. I myself watched the scene when a man came into one of the shops and asked something from the seller in Flemish. And he began to answer him in french, although I am sure that the Flemish he knew well. There is generally normal to know 2-3 languages, and you know how to be able to fully communicate. All more or less developed people are surely known in addition to French and Flemish more English and German. The degree of ownership, of course, is different, but the fact is interesting. It is curious that the police are also educated people (not as an example of our), and always easily answer questions, the data in English. When I sake jokes to the police in German, he also did not experience any special difficulties. Once again I apologize for the deviation and return to the chopped topic.

The interior of the stores is usually medium, without personnel, however, the range does not affect. Good thing to find unusually difficult. Everything is incumbent, cheap (in appearance, but not at all for the price). There is, however, dear stores, but this is a firm, and with our modest possible opportunities there simply have no reason to cross. What is there to say, if a tie can’t stand as much as an average of an employee of the embassy for a month! I do not pin such things at all.

I would like to say a few more words about the organization of the road. Closer to the center there are many streets covered with a paving. The terrain on which the Brussels is located is very hilly and on- constant lifts and descents create additional difficulties for movement. But roads are so carefully marked and so richly equipped with various pointers, which this greatly facilitates orientation. Little detail – Traffic lights are located on the background of black plates, on the manner of our railway, so in independence from the souls of the Sun, the light is always clearly visible. Sometimes on not very firm pedestrian crossings are installed traffic lights with red, yellow and yellow blinking lights. At the same time, there is a button that you need to click to go across the road – here it is unlikely that you just will be treated – the movement is intense and high-speed. And it is surprising that this kidney is pressed only when they want to move across the road, and not all times passing by the pillar. For trams, the place is sometimes separated for the movement, and sometimes the paths are located next to the usual dear. But on the way they usually do not go, although it is not prohibited. I do not know how it is done, but they don’t fuck trams. Finding out this question, my brother and I carefully looked at the rails, but did not find a single junction. So it does not happen?! Another interesting feature of their rules – they always have the rule of interference to the right. That is, if you are going along the street, then I have to miss all who goes to her hovering from you, from any hole he did not get out. And the most amazing thing that everyone is doing. Naturally, the priority signs are installed on large streets, but on small things all that is.

Returning to the stores, I would like to mention their technical equipment. Supermarkets especially affect her, but this is a separate one. But even in the smallest garment shop such a system. Each thing is attached special, I do not even know how to call it, keychain, or what. It pierces fabric and from the back ending with a hat. When I was told that it was impossible to remove it, I first grinned, they say with a seamless, but the keychain, apparently, invented our too, so you really don’t even take it. And he needs in order to leaving the mazen, you did not grab the unpaid thing. The fact is that in all the venerable stores the self-service system, and no one at the same time does not require to pass their bags in the storage chamber. And when you exit the wicket to the manner of the airport, but not such a threatening view, which will be written if you try to carry something with this very keychain. If you decide to buy something, they remove this keychain with some cunning apparatus, the principle of which I did not understand. Just a key chain and no it. Often in stores installed charts that allow you to overcome all its shorts. Cash regulations are common, but often connected to the computer, which displays everything that you bought. Interestingly, at the exit, it is not a mordenorot with a club and in khaki, but a cute girl who smiling will say goodbye to you. Well, just accepted!

The abundance of restaurants and cafes just amazes. Most of them have almost the same assortment – beer and all sorts of little things to it (there is no breakdown). In such institutions usually come to chat. Taking a mug of beer sit with her almost half a day. But all sorts of grandmother grandions with their little dogs apparently find what they need. Assortment of beer is quite wide. Typically, the beer is draft (in barrels) or a bottle. Can not be popular and except in automatic machines on the street. I must say that this July-August August in Brussels was the same hot as in Moscow, so the establishments of this kind were never empty. In general, the beer drink everything, local Stella Artois and Jupiler use especially. And not let. It is really good, lungs and pleasant drinks. In Moscow, I have never seen this beer, but what is there in Moscow, if even in the neighboring Holland Stella Artois in the afternoon with fire. By the way, after beer, it is not forbidden to get driving. Our this circumstance is advantageously, and our famous Cyasus Majake correspondent, who often appeared in our Embassy Bar, regularly took a circular friend, before heated home by car, apparently counting it quite normal. But despite the livestock addiction to beer, drunk on the streets at all. Of course, much from beer does not need, but it depends on what. Only once we saw a drunken homeless, but also that it was possible to look at him – somehow he was not drunk, not quite drunk, whether. And the homeless and beggars there are enough. On the streets next to the center they are near large stores with a glass of McDonalds in her hand (there, in this glass, it is supposed to put money).

In addition to restaurants with beer there are many other institutions. Often meets mcdonalds and his cheaper Quick fellow. They really have snacks where everyone who wants. Big queues there is no, and place in the hall or on the street Find easy. The assortment is the same with us, just always happens beer. We noticed that the drinks and cocktails (there they are called Milkshek) have some taste and slightly differ for the worse from our. Yes, and the potatoes (Frieth) they do worse than we. Although we got dragged them. However, the tastes do not argue. In addition, they have in great demand in these eateries various salads, which I have not met (seemingly). In Quick there is an interesting bait: if you take 4 playing Giant Menu (there is a sandwich, such as double hamburger, freesty bag and a glass of Sprite), then you will get a CD with the current best dozen kitarad. We used this opportunity, and imagine that they were expanded on this disk when listening – never believe! – In front of one of the songs recorded advertising in our one of our trampling – procurement companies (I don’t remember what)! The disc is made and recorded in France in the Australian license, and it is absolutely not clear how our advertisement got at all, and even more so it is not clear what advertisers were calculated, writing an advertisement not a disk that will go to the country where no one speaks our?! But the music is good.

In addition to eateries there are restaurants with a special assortment and very biting prices. We went there only to be attempted, but helpful officials (Harson) persistently offered us a table and a menu. And not surprising, but there are almost no visitors there. Local do not go there and mostly they are calculated on rich tourists and their businessmen. We were internships, but unfortunately, not rich. Registration of such restaurants just amazes. If fishes are served in it, right on the street in front of the entrance there is a huge inclined table, where all sorts of fish, shells and other maritime animals are laid on ice (naturally no longer live, but in excellent condition). Before the entrance, a small board is installed, on the manner of our school, where the range and prices are written in chalk. First think, and then come. And inside. It is necessary to see it, for here I am speced – the keyboard does not allow you to convey that atmosphere that reigns there.

But the greatest impression of their supermarkets. In order for our person for the first time to enter there, you need to morally prepared in advance. This can be done in Moscow T.N. supermarkets, these primitive similarities of the real Miracle. First of all, even before it is in the inside you pay attention to how well it is thought out all around. Be sure to have a huge parking, where you can put your car (they only go to the shops). Next to our embassy is one such supermarket called Delhaize. A small parking is located, but the main part of the cars is parked on the roof, where a comfortable entry is organized and a huge elevator arrives from the store (not to carry all the shopping on the stairs). The entrance door opens automatically and you are inside. The abundance of the goods is striking! It’s not just a lot there, but too much. Describe the range does not make sense because there is everything. Many naively believe that we also have everything, so there is no! Our all and their now everything is significantly further from each other than the sky and the earth. The huge shelves made by the goods are still far away that looking out of one end in the friend, hardly disassemble where they end. It is possible to compile a visit to the scale of this store. At the same time, only food products are sold in it, but there are supermarkets in which there are clothing, and technicians, and books, and all that your soul. The size of such stores is even more and floors there is not one. Naturally, self-service organized in all these stores. Before entering the input, there are simply incredible sizes bonded with a chain. If you need a cart, you insert a coin in the castle in 20 Belgian francs (this is about 60 cents) and the chain is discredited. After leaving the store, this cart is left in the same Maste, with the end of the quest with a special key from the trolley standing ahead inserted into the mock of your and the coin pops up. It is believed that this should be facilitated by the trolleys will always be in a starting place. And usually done. Ours, however, come easier – all the coupling on the embassy is carrying right in the trolley – good not far. And if it is completely too lazy to return it (albeit not far), then in the embassy there is a special key that our already dug from their carts. With the help of this key, the coin is extracted, but the cart remains in the embassy. They were already pretty there. It’s a shame, right, for the power.

In addition to carts in supermarkets, many different increments, such as cameras and automatic doors, but the most interesting thing is in a fruit-vegetable department and in the checkout. Fruit vegetables, of course, there are any. And both packaged and sowing. Well, with the packaged, everything was simple, I took a feet and put it in the basket, and with the loose itching this: we take off the polyethylene bag package from the special sump, put it, let’s say, tomatoes and then put all this for special scales. Next, on these scales, a button is pressed on which the fact that you are weighed (tomatoes, for example) and from these weights leaves a sticky label to which a bar code with price and product identifier is deposited. This label must be glued to the package with tomatoes. Everything.

All sorts of drinks (by the way, never saw pepsy there!?) are usually sold in 2 liter plastic bottles (like us) in packs of 4-6 bottles. Less for some reason do not take. And in general, everything is packaged several pieces together, and the system is often used "Gift", that is, if you buy packing with 4 bottled water, pay for three, and the fourth goes for free, as a gift. At the same time on the package it is written: 3 + 1 Gratis! It comes to the absurd when some spray in a hermetic bottle carries a proud inscription 400 + 50 ML Gratis. That is, we will attempt 450 ml at a price of 400 ml (try to buy 400 ml in such a bubble!)

I was passing between rows of about an hour (it’s hardly it is hardly possible) Drive up with a full trolley to the cash desks. Cass a lot and usually work. Over the cash register hangs some kind of traffic light, where it is written, busy cashier or free. From afar, you can determine where the rest can be suitable for a long time to wait. Sitting to the checkout you begin to post your purchases from the trolley on the conveyor. Your purchases from purchases of the previous and the next buyers are separated by a special delimitation, which is also placed on the conveyor. When your turn fit, the cashier begins to sort out all your purchases, spending them with a bar code near the read window. The device recognizes the code at a distance of about 10-15 cm and regardless of its location in front of the window. At the same time, the cash desk automatically knocks the check with the name of the goods and the price. Your shopping cassier shifts on the output conveyor, exhaust you can pick them up, putting it in plastic bags that will give it in unlimited quantities, and on which the symbolism of the store is depicted. In short, everything is for humans. In the normal version, these packages are again adding to the cart and is distinguished to the parking lot to the car. But our rods are manually.

It is interesting to observe how any granny with shaking hands and legs brings the cart to some Alfa-Romeo and laying out the coupling in the trunk and returning the trolley, corrects the glasses and sowing behind the wheel, leaves the parking lot, creaking on the farewell – forests. In general, granny there is a special article. It seems that people live there people begin to retire. In fact, young people and middle-aged people dress more than inexperienced. Rarely when they see the girl with the traces of makeup on the face or at least carefully closed – well, she looks like a limit to the limit. And in such clothes, as you can meet there, we have no matter what bums. It is killed that people save on everything. But having retired everything, saved for life is spent with the ringing. Older people dress almost gorgeous, on women plaster the most expensive firms, and hairstyles just amaze – when at that age you follow all this. But the state gives for all this opportunity, which is used. Almost all the elderly people go on the machines, and often on very representative Mons, they have the opportunity to visit rasm, various clubs and anything, resulting in all these institutions that are also fled. In a word, people live!

So rapid life can still boast children. Indeed, there succeeded completely to implement our fiery slogan – "All the best – children". For children there all. Even with the most insignificant ebony in the municipal park, a children’s field was organized, where kids may be obedient under the supervision (not free, finally) special observers, which are usually earmarked students, while adults spend time in conversations for the beer mug. And their moon parks is something. I remember in my childhood I liked to go to our park of Gorky, but any of their Moon-Park does not come with him any comparison. However, this is so much said in our means of mass information, which simply makes no sense to repeat. There’s great! All, for leisure and adults have something to choose. Various muses, clubs, the same moon parks, pools (help do not need there) and just parks. But I would especially like to note the complex called Bru Park, which includes a famous mini-Europe, an equally famous atomium, as well as a wonderful pool with attractions and cinema hall viewing fresh films. True, all this is quite expensive (bi-years for a visit to mini Europe, atomum and pool costs 750 francs – approximately 23.$ 5. But the pleasure is worth! Single disappointment – atomium. Inside such a frowning museum that he spoils all the visiting from the city panorama. True, the height does not go to any comparison with our Ostankino Tower, but since the city is low, then he is visible all. But mini-Europe – truly wonderful sight. The tracks on the territory are laid in such a way that you can get around all the correspondence from almost all sides. The route runs through different "states", What can be judged by special information tables located on "border". There you can also press the button to listen to the anthem of this country. All exposure is constantly repaid, for example, you can already see the scenes of the destruction of the Berlin Wall and the tunnel model under La Manshas. But Russia is not there at all. Yes it is clear – we never considered clean Europeans.

The pool, which is included in the complex (it is called Oceadium), too, definitely deserves great attention. The ticket is valid for 4 hours of visits (during this time you do not have time to miss). Your time is written on the input card with bar code. The same card must be inserted into the castle of the storage chamber. When you leave it, it is necessary to omitically omit in the machine, which will determine if time is not expired. If not, everything is fine, and if so, then pay a fine 200 francs (6 bucks). So as not to be afraid to work out, you can take a ticket for all day. It will be cheaper than paying fine. What to do there all day, you ask? Oh, there is something. In addition to the usual swimming pool there there are many different entertainment events that do not allow. Pipes enjoy the greatest popularity. Once at the height of meters in 20 you are sitting in a large pipe (about 1.5 m in diameter), inside which water flows and drove. At your distance, it has several turns, where you are pretty water. Delight – significantly above average. In addition, there are slides, also with water, moving from which you fall into the water from a height of 1.2 M. There is a circulation – an organized strong flow of water between two walls. It is impossible to resist the. Every half-hour or 15 minutes (depending on the time of day) in the large pool there is a wave. Almost like in the sea. On a smooth outlet of the wave basin wrapped in small scallops, where happy baby is sports. In addition, there are several fountains and baths with "Bulbash". In short, you do not have to miss. The unchanged attribute – a snack bar (with beer, of course), is present here. And the whole interior is so greatly decorated with a living greens that glanced at the clock, you celebrate with regret, as time remains less and less.

Scampish notes.

Without having the opportunity to move as accepted by them – by car, we often had to use public transport. From this business they employ buses, trams and subways. There are no trolley buses at all – something they did not like them. Travel is paid as follows. In stores or special distributors, a special card with a magnetic layer for 10 trips is bought. It is 305 francs (about 9.5 dollars) and acts on all types of transport. In order to pay for the passage, this card, after entering the cabin, you need to omit into a special reader. She floats inward, where the number of remaining trips is read from it and the string is printed on the back of the back, where the date, time is recorded, the bus registration number (or tram, metro). After that, you can go for an hour. It can be transferred to any other route or transportation. After an hour you need to pay extra charge. Fines are just scary 8000 francs (almost 250 dollars) – think about ten times before you do not pay. When we were taken by one negro-free. Sweet to him can see. By the way, they were clicked quietly and politely, and he also calmly answered all their questions that were asked a lot to be completely. Public transport drive a variety of people, but most nevertheless blacks, Latinos and other national minorities. There is no distinction of places in the cabin. Communication for about 50-80 percent (meaning seating). Only once we went in filled (by their standards) trams, where there is a man 10! It’s a lot. By the way, it happens that the tram drives into the subway and they have a common underground transplant station. And somehow they do not feel the rush hour – the people in transport as much as and in the usual time. Apparently all working driving on cars. Transportation intervals are quite large – 15-20 minutes. At each stop hanging the schedule, according to which, and a minute per minute, the bus or tram drives up. And about payment. If there is no need to attempt a card for 10 trips, you can take directly from the driver for one, the truth will cost it already 50 francs! In addition, there are cards for a whole day of trips (if they are supposed to do a lot) 120 francs (a little less than $ 4). But you can chase all day around the city. Convenient and, apparently, profitable.

There are no horizontal handrails in the cabin from above, about which we have been spoiled with my brother, standing in the tram. But on each vertical post there is a button you want to click if you have a desire to get away at the next stop. If you do not click, but at the bus stop the people, the driver will not stop on it. I was struck by the power of tales of buses (Vanttool) – they accelerates just breathtaking. As already mentioned, Brussels – the city is not even, abundant frequent and sometimes quite cool ascents, to which our unfortunate Liazik probably not to zoom would not climbed. And those rods, and even with a good stock. Automatic gearbox makes their overclocking continuous and smooth. Sometimes you just amazed how the driver is managed on such a high stiffness so famously maneuver in their narrow streets. In the public transport, the baggage does not carry – the maximum of the lady’s handbag, and therefore we mowed themselves to us when we fumbled a bus with a huge one with a synthesizer bought in the center. In short, you can drive on public transport.

By the way, their cards are applied not only in transport. In order to call on the usual urban street phone, the special card is also necessary. It is 200 francs and allows you to communicate by phone within the city of 20 minutes. But since any outdoor phone has access to a long-distance and international line, the time of the conversation can be reduced by increasing the cost. We, for example, quite often called Moscow. It is usually done in the evening, since the cost of talking is cheaper. But even in the evening, a 20-minute card when calling Moscow is about 7-8 minutes. Yes that there is a phone! When I was slightly punished (acclimatization, apparently), in a local hospital, where the doctor only examined me and gave recommendations on the training, the case was brought to me on me, and the plastic card was issued on the hands, on which all my data were knocked out. In the hands of nice to keep. Well, bank credit cards are generally almost the main type of calculations.

We were lucky because I managed to organize a trip to Holland. There moves from the country to the country a simple and short. Got into the car and after 1.5 – 2.5 hours you are already in another country. It’s more difficult for us. Our passport passports with visas make it possible besides Belgium to visit more than Holland and Luxembourg, which, as you know, make up an association called Benilux. And the locals can go to Germany, France, Engine – this is what is near, as well as in Spain, Italy, in a word to any country in Europe without any additional design. But we tried to use at least the little possibility that is available to us.

The border between Belgium and Holland is a portion of the road on which the speed is reduced to 60 km / h. Directly on the grain is installed a rack with traffic lights that usually do not work. Yes, and there is no one there who could check you. They say it is also easy to learn to neighboring Germany and France. But we can not there! Driving through the territory of Holland make sure that this is a valid resident of Europe – farms stretch one after another. Pretty big herds of gigantic on our standards of cows graze on huge meadows. Derez- Vienna Idylliya. There is a large house (usually stone) with different surplus buildings, but carefully discerning all this is impossible – the average speed of the highway is about 130 km / h, so everything flies quite quickly. There, in the Netherlands, we stopped in the city of Gaage – the second largest city after the capital. This is a seaside port town, where the whole cultural life passes on the coast. But it also attracts a different criminal element to himself, so the evening there is unsafe. I was struck by dirt on the streets. Although everyone’s digestion to fit the city is clearly visible – a lot of colors – this does not at any extent weakening the impression of the leaving meant of many better purity. Movement there is much less disciplined than in Brussels, and moving the street. Testing quite Moscow senses. And the Dutch truckers are generally famous in Europe as the biggest road hooligans. To us, they, however, do not succeed.

Bicycle dominance is felt everywhere. Along all roads in the city made special bicycle paths with their intersections and traffic lights. The cyclist has an advantage and in front of the machine and before a pedestrian, therefore, whatever happens, he is almost always right. Maybe they fight for air purity, encouraging the most environmentally friendly transport? Bike in Holland, in addition to the means of movement, is still the subject of possible theft, which is performed very often. But nevertheless incentive attitude towards a bike is noticeable even for something next to supermarkets, along with car parking almost always there is also a bicycle, equipped so that the left bike can be fastened to fixed parking facilities.

Calling money with Guldenmi’s money among themselves, we suddenly fell into the country where this very guilder is the main monetary unit. Of course, we didn’t have them in the beginning, we came there with dollars, and when we had enough to change, it turned out that banks were already closed (they did not master themselves long staying at work – there are cases, and a cultural holiday can be held, the benefit of the sea nearby.) We were shut down with a hearth head of a cherished 10-dollar paper in a strained automatic installed right on the street. Swallowing it, he said that it was $ 10 and will give us 14 guilders for them (total), while the usual course is approximately 1.7 -1.85 Guldenov per dollar. But for the fact that thanks – I already wanted to eat that we did not slow down to do. Prices there are significantly higher than in Brussels, so after not very dense dinner we again remained without money. But the next day, we corrected this situation and confidently could continue our adventures.

Local language – a rattling mixture of English, German and French languages ​​did not leave any hope for the possibility of communication. But it turned out that the second language is English there is, and therefore we practiced did not experience problems with communication. Getting lost, easily found the road, as the helpful citizens willingly explained to us our mistake.

The strongest impression is Mini-Holland – Park like Misa-Europe in Brussels – which is called Madurodam. There were not scattered on imported buildings, but made good layouts of their most famous structures. The overall feeling from Madurodam is significantly stronger than from mini Europe. Some is a more finished, more thoughtful, or what. The train model there goes around the entire complex, and the full detour takes him a few minutes. Exposure more interseced and somewhat high quality performed. In short, cool!

Return distance from Holland, of course, she walked one of their surrounding highway. Not having the opportunity to compare with German autobahn or American highways, their roads in comparison with our highway look very denial. The coating does not shine, but nevertheless it is quite even, without any waves and without repair floors, on which the car throws from side to the side (there are no speech on the potholes). But the most important thing here is not even coverage, but road equipment. Everything is done here everything to ensure traffic safety. There are no intersections on the highway – all deviations from the main direction are organized with the help of the overpass and road junctions. And this is a strong thing! In order to the junction on a fairly decent distance, directions pointers are installed. So, rebuilding from a number of in a row of them is practiced only before such a junction, and the usual movement is practically strictly strictly in the ranks, which creates additional prerequisites for a safe driving. At the entrance to the beginning of the junction, braking bands are necessarily present. Although it is not particularly slowing down and does not have to – almost all the interchanges the rotation radius is chosen such that it can be passed at a speed of 90-100 km / h with a good stock. Therefore, the interchanges are very large structures. The flow of transport smoothly leaves the main route on the overpass and also smoothly poured into another direction. The abundance of pointers seemingly not allowing the opportunity to get lost, but still we need a small skill in orientation and some knowledge of the terrain. Once when we drove on the Embassy bus to one of the moon parks, then because of the repair road had to be collapsed from a familiar route and we got lost. No map, nor explanations of stopped drivers helped us find the goal of our ride. Only when we met a police patrol, our troubles ended – the police car (for free) accompanied us to the park itself for 10-15 kilometers. I wonder our valiant militia could? And how the details are organized, it’s just a fairy tale! If, for example, there are some works on the extreme lane, long before the car will stand on the road, a huge flashing arrow is installed, indicating the direction of the arrangement. After it, fisheps are installed on the dividing strip, like those that put in our roads. Directly near the place of work, there are signer columns with flashlights at the top, which are lit by one of others, so it turns out the running track showing the danger zone. And incessiously that no one climbs into a fallen row, nor on the side of the road, which is sufficient for the movement of a large truck – so not half. Everyone is calmly standing in one row and slowly move forward.

But despite all these energetic measures of the accident still happen. But this is an event, since at such speeds the consequences are quite permanent. We saw one such an accident. It happened on the oncoming loss, as usual separated from our stripe of shrub, so it was not possible to see what happened, but the consequences were visible good. Movement overlap, around the accident site a large number of political machines and ambulances, and a huge traffic jam. In the lumen of the shrub we saw how someone in this cork laid out on the kat of the car sandboards and trapeznical – it’s a long time. I would not want to get into such a traffic jam.

Under the curtain we managed to see another wonderful action, called the carpet of colors. Of course, we were lucky, because this event happens every 2 years, respectively, for the last time it was in 1992, and now it happened this summer. This carpet opened 12 awesome and we on the last day before flying to Moscow got there. This event occurs on the central square of Brussels, which is called Grand Plisse. This is not too big bumps covered with a cobblestone of the territory, surrounded by old buildings from all sides, among which the royal palace (do not forget that Belgium is the Kingdom with the acting queen). So, the carpet of flowers is laid out on this area. Grand Spectacle! Tons of Tulips Petals Assist Area. Different colors posted beautiful patterns and coat of arms of provinces. 3 fountains were made in the middle of the carpet. Each time the carpet differs from the previous one and the pattern never repeats. Of course, it is better to look at it from a high height, but from the royal balcony, (where all the desired letters are allowed for 50 francs) located on the 2nd floor of the carpet, it also looks impressive. Of course it is necessary to see. Around the carpet is a small restaurant, which these days probably greatly equipped their owners. In a word, a good spectacle in the spirit of developed caviferism.

I read all this, and I realized that I did not manage to convey the extraordinary atmosphere of confidence in tomorrow, reigning in this wonderful city. Of course, all this needs to be seen yourself, because even the most eloquent story will not allow to present all this in full. How not sad to state it, but I realized that we were behind them forever without any chance to catch up. And the case is not in the fullness of mazhanins or technical equipment, this is a matter of hiring, it’s about the relationship of people to life, to the surrounding reality, to your future and to each other. It seems to me that it is simply not available to us that some evil rock did not give us something that brussels fully possess. Sorry and insult. Returning to Moscow and driving in our Sheremetyevskaya road, which I always considered good, looking at the surrounding landscapes and at home, to her God, tears were striking in front of his eyes. And the ones I am very easy to understand those who leave to live there, away from our cruel reality, where everyone can just be pressed on the lawn and always feel like a person.

Please forgive for a few incoherent narration – I have always stronger the mind, namely, I pulled me to this story and they threw me from side to the side during the question.

Scampish notes.

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