Scuba whales – good? A divers are better!

Divers have their own professional holiday, celebrated on May 5. Interestingly, can the ordinary our celebrate this day? After all, if we argue logical, who is such a diver? This is the one who climbs into the water. But every our at least once in his life in the water climbed. And it is a reason to remember the most interesting dives and the most famous divers.

Deeper nowhere!

The main question that worries the minds, conceived over the immersion of the human being in the water, – how deeply can be immersed? Let’s understand.

The very "deep depth" is the Mariana Wpadina, she is Marian’s chute. For a long time it was believed that its maximum depth at a point called the abyss of the Challenger (Challenger Deep), – 11 034 m below sea level. But, according to the latest data, it is still a little less – 10,994 m. However, the final figure is still finding out.

As for Everest, the struggle was invisible for the conquest of this point. The joint Swiss-American crew of Batiskaph Trieste, consisting of two people, was defeated: Pilot Jacques Piccara and Lieutenant Navy USA Don Walsh. January 23, 1960 they sank to the bottom of the Mariana depression. Moreover, the devices showed a depth of 11,521 m (now it is believed that the instruments were mistaken and actually "Trieste" reached a mark of 10,918 m). Immersion continued almost five hours at speeds near meters per second.

Jacques and Don looked into the porthole and coominess: life reigned at the bottom! In the book "Depth of 11,000 meters" Piccar writes: "At the time of the landing, the cloud of the subtlest yala rose. There was no small hole – ordinary painting on small and medium depths. The bottom was perfectly even, except for several lumps. But – most importantly! – For a moment to contact with the bottom in the light circle floated fish. In one second, by the years of labor and training, we allowed the problem, dozens of years of tormenting oceanographers … Life in its highest organized form is possible in the sea everywhere, at any depth. This proved the bone fish we saw, very similar to the skate, centimeters 30 long … Immediately after we saw a beautiful shrimp of the dense-red color, she went very close to the porthole a few feet from the bottom ".

The most famous diver

The next person who visited the day of the Mariana depression, became … Filmoremaster James Cameron. And he did it alone, thereby installing another record of the book of an unsolicited Guinness. On March 26, 2012, the creator of the epic film "Titanic" on Batiscife Deepsea Challenger plunged into a depth of 10,908 m and removed this 3D film for the National Geographic Channel.

In the process of preparing the material it became known about the third dive: a businessman and traveler Viktor Veskovo sank into the Mariana depth to a depth of 10,927 m. And this is a new record! The team announced this on Monday, May 13. Details here. Interestingly, at a depth of 7-8 km, Weskovo noticed pink snails, four new types of crustaceans, as well as plastic bag and candy candy. As part of the team, which was preparing the dive, was, by the way, and the previous owner of the Don Walsh record. 53-year-old Viktor Veskovo also known as the conqueror of the seven of the highest peaks of the planet (approx. Red.).

"M ia love to dive and swim"

The global dive record with aqualung belongs to the French Daiver Pascal Bernabe, who in July 2005 on Corsica dressed in nine minutes at a depth of 330 m. But to return back, it took him as many as nine hours. Aqualant takes a decompression. The record is unofficial, since the competition in this sport is discontinued due to the big danger to the life of athletes and the fixation of records is not conducted. But who will stop it?

According to some reports, Bernabe’s record was beaten in 2014 by Egyptian aqualant Akhmed Gabr, which reached a mark of 332.5 m.

And if quite without everything?!

Fredyver Herbert Nak

Fixing Dive Records without Aqualanga (Fridayving) – It’s not easy. First, there are several versions of the referee: one by AIDA system, the other – Cmas. We will not deepen.

Scablasts - good and diving better!

Secondly, third and fourth: in the flops there was a freediver or without? With load or without it? On the cable or so? Has pure oxygen breathing before diving or not? Cold was water or warm? And many more "or". Dynamics without a sucker, dynamics in flippers … Permanent Weight, Variable Weight … Hence the number of world records. Some freedivers have their pieces of 50.

Here, for example, the Austrian Fridayer Herbert. He has 69 (on another version – 31)! Maximum conquered depth – 214 m. But at the same time he visited at a depth of 253 m. True, on the way back, he lost consciousness and the rescuers helped to climb to the surface. Therefore, the record was not counted.

Yes Yes. So that the record was counted, the freediver must rise to the surface, otherwise it will be a sports for suicides. In pursuit of numbers you can reach 300 m, and even a kilometer, but in this case you are already much different from the usual drowned.

The most famous freedivers are, no doubt, Jacques Maole and Enzo Mallorca. All their records are long beaten, but the film of Luke of Samon 1988 "Blue Abyss", in which their friendship-rivalry challenges, has long turned into a classic and surrounded by frediving halo of romanticism.

Among the our Fridians, Natalia and Alexey Molchanova (Mother and Son) are real legends. Natalia began to engage in freediving at 40, and then addicted to this case and his child. She knew 41 world record and 22 victories in the world championships. Unfortunately, on August 2, 2015, she disappeared from Formentera Island in Spain during the next dive. She was 53 years old. Her son Alexey continued his mother’s case. Today it belongs to the world records in immersion with a constant weight of 130 m and in free immersion at 125 m.

But there are still competitions for retention of breathing under water. This discipline in the professional language of Fridians is called "apnea in statics". The record installed in 2018 belongs to Croatu Budimier Shobat. He was able to sit under water without movement 24 minutes and 11 seconds! True, before that, he also breathed his oxygen for a long time … well, where without him? After all, oxygen is not doping, but the vital necessity.

Divers as they are

Still, real divers are people who work under water, and not having fun. They repair ships, pave pipelines, save people … and May 5 – this is their professional holiday. It is celebrated on the day when in 1882 the first diving school was created in Kronstadt. Health of divers and air in hoses!

Scablasts - good and diving better!

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