Sberbank card is good in Polar

Iceland, lying in the cold Atlantic at the very polar circle, in some sense resembles a hot Australia. Namely in the sense that "inside" both these countries human life is almost impossible. The sunbed by the Sun. Australian and destruction of the Icelandic desert is equally picturesque and equally severe.

Human settlements in Iceland (as in Australia) are shaking towards the sea coast. But in them life is equipped at the forefront European level.

Icelandic currency, however, unlike Australian, does not appear in the list of key global monetary units. But not at all because the Icelandic Crown is bad. This is a full-fledged SLE, whose stability could envy some European peoples living in grace subtropics. The case is rather in the National Icelandic Character. Islanders are modest and focused on home affairs. They have nothing to push their money into some foreign ratings.

The current exchange rate of the Icelandic crown is also modest: 71.52 per US dollar. Icelanders on this occasion are not complex: they earn exactly so much "Little" CZK to enjoy one of the highest living levels in the world.

Crown (abbreviated designation – IKR) is formally divided by 100 aura. At the current exchange rate aura not minted. In the circulation there are coins with a nominal 1, 5, 10, 50 and 100 crowns and banknotes – 500, 1.000, 2.000 and 5.000 KRON.

Foreign currency on the island can be imported without limitation. It is impossible only to pay it.

Exchange imported denunals on the local most profitable in banks. Exchange points that also exist in Iceland take pretty high commissions – up to 9%.

In banks, the Commission for the exchange of cash and road checks in foreign currency does not exceed 1-2%. They are serviced and other types of checks common in Western world, although not all on such divine conditions. For example, for the so-called EUROCHEQUES) there you can help only 75% of their nominal (that is, the Commission is 25%!). These payment documents we strongly do not recommend to travel to Iceland. Fortunately, in our country they are not very popular.

But with our debit electronic cards of Cirrus and Maestro systems on the North Island – Razdat. In Russia, they are on very affordable conditions and in mass order distribute Sberbank, SBS-Agro and several more large banks. In general, in Europe, such cards are accepted by a relatively small number of financial institutions and trading establishments. But in Iceland – everywhere.

Real Credit Cards – Also a very convenient means of calculation in Iceland. All the most common world systems: MasterCard, Visa, Dinners Club, American Express, Eurocard – accept banks, and outlets, including the smallest and remote. Icelanders themselves enjoy cards even to pay small daily shopping, for example, in bakery or grocery.

Sberbank card is good in Polar

It is very convenient for foreigners traveling through the small Icelandic villages. Banks there are far from everywhere, but foreign cash Icelanders, as already mentioned, do not take.

Actually, on the island of the village – these are all settlements, except for one – Reykjavik. Suffice to say that out of 260.000 citizens of the country 160.000 live in the capital and its nearest surroundings. There is all the most important in Iceland, banks are concentrated there.

It is necessary to look for them on the streets of Austurstraeti and Bankastraeti. This is actually the same straight street, which stretches through the city center, changing the name on the road.

Most banks are open on weekdays from 9.15 to 16.00. In an urgest clock, you can visit the exchange office at Keflavik International Airport. From Monday to Friday, it is open from 6.00 to 18.00 (and from June 15 to August 15, it works and on weekends, almost a day. For almost a day – from 6.00 to 2.30 next day). There before leaving you can change without restrictions and formalities "Lyland" Icelandic money for another SC.

Another open place is the establishment – Change Group, at Bankastraeti, 2. In spring and summer (from May to September) it works with 8.30 to 20.00, and the rest of the year – from 9.00 to 17.thirty. But in overtime clock (that is, after 16.00) Here they take harsh commission – 8.75%.

Farm departing from Iceland can use the banking service in the open sea. Exchange points are on the courts of the company SMYRIL LINE, which go to Norway. But "nautical" Course is bad, and commissions are high.

Sberbank card is good in Polar

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