Sbeitla – A small town in the north-central part of Tunisia, located 104 km south-west of Kairuan.

Near the city there is its main attraction, for which tourists are here and travel – the Roman ruins of Sefetul (Sufetula), one of the most well-preserved in all Tunisia.

From the most significant objects of Sefetuly worth noting Christian churches built in the IV-V centuries, Terms with mosaic floors, the ruins of the theater, repeatedly rebuilt forum, the gate of Antonina Fiuma, Capitol, consisting of not one temple, as usual, and from three, Arch Diocletian, The grave of the Christian martyr of the bishop of Yukundus, tortured by vandals at the beginning of the 5th century and Byzantine defensive structures.

On the central square of the Satelli there is a market where it is possible to purchase souvenirs, fruits, national clothing.


The History of Saletles is still a little studied, only some facts are known: an approximate base time, the start time of the heyday (II century.NS.), the fact of the proclamation here by Emperor Grigory a separate empire and the time to conquer these places by Arabs (627 g.N.NS.).

The city lost its importance during the Arabs remained forgotten until the XVIII century, when Europeans began to penetrate here.

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