Saxony – the multi-faceted nature and culture of the free state

Free state consisting of federal lands, the most densely populated German territory, the most economically developed and cultural region of Germany – all this Saxony.
The progenitor of this Saxony was marked Meissen and inhabit it not at all saksa, but Maisensey. There is no single linguistic dialect, and residents have a special temperament and are proud to live in a free state.

World Heritage Saxony

The largest Saxon cities Leipzig, Dresden and Cemen have the status of free cities. Maisen land gave the world Schubert and Bach, Strauss and Bebel, Liebknecht, Goethe, Schiller and Mendelssohn. The unique landscape of Eastern land is not in vain at all in vain, Saxon Switzerland, in its magnificence, he is not inferior to the Swiss nature. Maisen Masters gave the world porcelain, and thanks to the traditions of miners from the area Ore mountains The world got the best of the holidays – Christmas.

Saxon Switzerland

The main pearl of free land is a natural manifold. Next door to the wild mountains proudly carries its waters wide Elbe, Amazing the imagination of beauty Saxon Switzerland, Here is a small part Elbian sandstone mountains, once called Maissen Plateau. Here is a real paradise for climbers, nature has created more than 1000 most different vertices suitable for them. And this is just the grains of the natural treasury of Saxony.

Route artists

Landscapes of the National Park have always attracted artists to themselves, but to compare the local nature with the Swiss first became young students Anton Count and Adrian Qingg. The park has created a unique route of artists. This is not just a path for which painters walked, it is 112 km inspiration and fabulous landscapes.


Bestai observation deck Opens panoramic observation National Park. With a unique rock formation, the bends of the elba and beauty of forests are perfectly visible. Bastion and Bastai Bridge were created in 1824 and were originally wooden, but over time the tree was replaced by stone.


Saxony - the multi-faceted nature and culture of the free state

Another pearl of Saxon Switzerland is considered Kenigstein fortress, Mountain rebuilt. The royal family used the fortress as a shelter, here was equipped with storage for paintings and premises for prisoners of war. Traveling in Europe, here came here Peter I, And in the middle of the last century Königstein became a museum.


Kushthal – This is the creation of nature and a fragment of the route of artists. The gate in the rock once created the river flowing here, and stairway to Heaven – It is 30 m steep road between the rocks, which leads to the viewing platform of an ancient fortress.

Harmony of nature, history and culture

Beauty Saxony are not limited to the National Park. Here, colorful villages are stretching everywhere, skillfully made parks, vintage castles or the ruins of fortresses, and countless many different Museums, only in the metropolitan Dresden of them More than 40.
Economics, industry and science Saxony are also much higher than in other regions. But all these beauties, attractions and achievements are inferior without cultural heritage created by people and presented to the world generous saxony.

Saxony - the multi-faceted nature and culture of the free state

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