Nice to return to loved places

The new year began, and together with him it was time to carry out conceived plans and tasks set in front of them. In addition to the fact that there is a lot of work in everyday routine, it is worth trying to fulfill all the ideas as a traveler. As they say – as a year you will meet, so they will spend it, and therefore I would like to wish everyone to make most of your ideas and plans (especially planned travel and travel).

In the winter of 2014, we were already in the local places, but the weather has made significant adjustments – the temperature is slightly higher than zero, low dense clouds and drizzling rain accompanied by a fluttering fog. It didn’t work out good frames, but the impressions were the most positive from what he saw around, and therefore it would be nice to get here again.
With the onset of christmas 2016, we went to Saxony to Saxony. Dresden met us with snow and rising temperatures, therefore, it is impossible to slow – it is necessary to urgently go to the loved places and enjoy the snowy scenery in the rays of the winter, but the accuming sun.
First of all, we went to Bastai (report on the trip to Bastay in 2014, the report in the new winter scenery will be later), and already from there in Konigstein.
The sun gradually kneaded to the sunset, and therefore it was necessary to have time to climb up. The first thing that is striking is the New Year’s design, which is clearly not in a hurry to clean.

Having learned (about this separate item at the end of the article, for there is something to say) we went to not the easiest lift. You might think that this idiocy of the highest brand is to fill the stomach, and then hide in the mountain, but all this is caused by circumstances. The fact is that it is extremely difficult to eat in the union in the local places, but even in the simplest eatery, but due to the fact that the beautiful cafe we ​​discovered for themselves in 2014 (where visitors exclusively local) It works only until two hours, then there was no choice.

Forward and only forward

Saxon Switzerland Citadel Königstein

One of the items of the route along the way to the Citadel is a house where the main dates of the elbo spill are noted. Honestly – it was amazed by scale, given the fact that we have already protoved from the bank not one hundred meters, and even with the rise up. One of the last natural disasters is dated 2013, when the river’s waters almost reached the second floor of this house.

Not the easiest rise in the steps of the stairs, then looping paths covered with snow and here it seemed a silhouette of the fortress on the same mountain, a little more effort and we are already standing under the impregnable quotes of the citadel.

Saxon Switzerland Citadel Königstein

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