Idea to visit this germany national park has matured for a long time. Last year, before the New Year, I went to the Czech capital in the company of my wife and Brother, which was bored pretty quickly and in order to get the charge of additional emotions was decided to go to Germany, the benefit of Prague to hand. Business is small – tickets with a change in Bad Shannda from Prague, a pair of stations on the suburban train Dresden, and now we are already standing on the deserted streets of the resort town Ratan, in which now is not the season and the feeling of complete extinction of the population.
We go through the streets along closed cafes and restaurants (which will resume their activities with the opening of the new season in April) and rest in the ferry crossing through the Elbe.

Raten. Way up.

Saxon Switzerland Bastai

I have not seen those who want to cross together with us, the schedule of movement and the price of the question – we already thought that I was not fate to get to us on the shore, how suddenly the ferry seeing our wait very quickly jumped into the cabin and sent a steam into our side. Welcome smile, buying a ticket back and back and literally two minutes to stand on a solid surface of the opposite shore.
Ratren Streets are still deserted, with rare exceptions. The weather also does not have a walk – in the yard, the end of December, about three degrees of heat and drizzling rain, with covered everything around the haze. On such days, it is best to sit in a warm house, a cozy house near the fireplace or stove than the residents actually and are busy, judging by the easy haze, which comes from the pipes of almost all the houses.

The rise is not the easiest, plus the case complicates very slippery tracks and the abundance of foliage that hides it without the most stable path. Despite the adversity associated with balancing between the fall and attempt to keep the balance, the path is very picturesque. In general, local winter has more reminded autumn.

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