Saxon Switzerland

Saxon Switzerland – a real natural museum located in the vicinity of Dresden. Unique mountain landscape, an abundance of interesting monuments, a number of historical places – All this is a visiting card of the park. Get here is completely easy – There are several excursion routes.

Mountain Gorge Bastay and Monumental Rock, located near, fascinate with their species, massive rocks and protrusions. This is a great place for unique photography and extreme walk. Nearby is one of the most famous bridges, artists from all over the world come here for inspiration. Natural goal Kushtal surprise their greatness. This attraction has long been so popular that it is organized and cozy restaurant,.

Saxon Switzerland Attractions Dresden Travel Guide

lichtenhain waterfall – peculiar «water attraction», also enticing tourists. Every day you can watch the beautiful dance of falling water from time to time cease to have effect. Of the total body stand out several fortresses. Each of them has a history of creating. All we visited necessarily imbued with the local atmosphere and can enjoy the natural beauty. Unusual resort city of Rathen is famous for its unique theater where every summer suit colorful presentation. fascinating boat or climbing tours are available for those wishing to.

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