Saw Sigismund stole foods from ecologists and stuck when flight

As the security inspector Igor Rybnikov says, the staff of the natural park helped the animal to free themselves: ". It’s not necessary to hide from the crime scene the animal was not possible – I could upright enough, he could not return the same way out and stuck ".
However, after the sign of Sigismund continued his raids. At first he began to go to explore the tourist houses, and when he penetrated inside, hesitated, spreading everything around in search of delicacy.
Sometimes Sigismund was hidden on the tree, waiting for the opportunity to return to the houses.
"In the inspector house, a bowl was waiting for him with a treat, which he once dragged with him. After the missing bowl, we set a bowler for him. However, despite the size, he was able to pull the bowler. We found it at a considerable distance from the inspection house, "- Quotes Rybnikov Site Reserve.
In addition, once in the inspection house, he even tried to sprinkle the entrance door.

Saw Sigismund stole foods from ecologists and stuck when flight

When people made attempts to drive the animal, he snorted, all his appearance demonstrating, who is the main thing here.
According to employees of the park, despite the hooligan behavior of a sable, they were pleased to see a smart animal near. They called him Sigismund. Recently, the beast began to bring a girlfriend, which exhibits cautiousness towards people.

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