Saw Antarctica

We invite you to make an excursion to Antarctica. In the center of the southern hemisphere of the Earth is a huge, very cold and deserted mainland called Antarctica. At the moment, this is the last unexplored territory of our planet, which is in complete isolation from other continents. The first people who in 1820 visited there were our scientists Lazarev and Bellingausen. Thanks to their expedition, a regular study of this mainland began. Decades and scientific expeditions from Germany, France, America, Norway and Australia rushed to the shores of Antarctica to open the secret of the White Mainland. 75 years after the mainland was opened in 1895, the person was able to land there for the first time. This discretener was a member of the Norwegian expedition Karstin Borhgrevnik. In the 20th century in Antarctica We visited many scientists from different countries with their research missions.

In the modern representation of Antarctica – this is a buried continent, The area of ​​which is 15 thousand square kilometers. His characteristic feature is height, namely 2300 meters above sea level.

Geologically Antarctica divided into two characters in size: Western, which occupies 25% of the continental area and Eastern 75% of the area. A chain of the mountains stretches through the mainland, the height of which in separate places reaches 5000 meters. In Antarctica, the grand accumulations of ice, and if it melted, the water of the oceans will rise by 50 meters. The ice, which is covered with all the mainland, begins to slowly move from the center to his outskirts, and reaching it, begins to clog.

Ice boulders for many years swim in the ocean, representing a very greater danger to shipping. Meet floating ice mountains having huge sizes, Their length is 120-160 kilometers. Thickness of cover Antarctica hesitate from two to four kilometers.

Saw Antarctica

The lowest temperature Antarctica, which fixed the thermometer was – 88 degrees. Due to the very strong cold, the vegetation of the mainland is very scarce. Sometimes on bare rocks you can see small stains of gray and black. Scientists say these are small lichens. On the coast all year round live seals. They have a 4 types, namely: crabeater, Ross Seal, Weddell seals and sea leopards. In the summer, a lot of birds arrive at the coast of the continent, among them: Caps of pigeons, chairs and snowy petrels. The most typical residents of this harsh land are penguins. These birds have a large subcutaneous fat layer. These birds live with colonies 15-20 thousand individuals.

Antarcticavery harsh and dangerous mainland, But the polar researchers accompanying superhuman efforts try to open large secrets of the continent.

Saw Antarctica

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