Savronin – Swiss Pearl

The former mountain village of Graubyunden today is primarily a cozy center Winter sports. Extremely wide tracks attract skiers and snowboarders. Savronin is logically connected and predict as the German motorway.

A look at the ski card, descending from two peaks in the village, does not indicate that skiers can see on the mountain. What is surprising and touching so it is Landscape with cliffs and mountain ranges between the passages of Jules and Septimer, deep gorges and hilly pastures of the extensive valley Sourse, stretching to Tifenkastel. Savonin, a village with a medieval bridge and the ruins of three towers – you can safely reach the most severe winters, the rogue pass is open all year round.

In Savonia, located at an altitude of 1200 meters, lives Only 1000 inhabitants. The tourist boom of the region fell in the 1960s, when the first hotels were built and the first cableways serving local slopes were commissioned.

80 km of only 9 lifts. And yet, even on the weekend sunny days there are no queues. Not because this place is forgotten by skiers. On the contrary, Savronin – One of the most visited centers with families with children. A large number of sunny days, southern routes orientation, secluded nature and wide safe routes – the main arguments to come here with children.

Peak Martenyans.

Gondola and two six-bed sofas will be delivered to Martenyans peak, 2670 m above sea level, from the historic center of the village. From him, to the lower station and the top station, leads a red ski slope Martenyanx, quite complicated in some areas, but with fabulous views of the peak Arbleych and the Sun coming out due to the ridge.

Its continuation is a much more complex track number 5, also red, on which skiing Competitions of the European Cup. It ends at the bottom station of the cable car and the restaurant Tijignas, and to the village itself, located at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level, you can go through the red, with which Savronina is visible as on aerial photographs. This option is about 10 km. Option on blue descents from the top to the village – almost 12 km.

Peak Carts.

Bypassing the top of the peak of Martenyanx on a blue ski slope, get to the lifts leading to the next, a little higher peak Carts – 2712 m above sea level. From here the only black slope and two red tracks are descended. The highway, which is marked number 18, do not even be afraid of not very experienced skiers, it is short and not too cool, quickly turning into a blue ski track. The connection between two peaks is called Trapishte – Fantastic route. Almost all the slopes in this part of the resort are visible from it, which then crosses the traumpiste and leads to cozy shelters in this part of the resort.

Savronin - Swiss Pearl

Descent from the peak Carts in the blue option, partly by the San Single track, with a total length of 6 km, is still about a dozen kilometers of fun on sunflowed routes. Most of them have a southern orientation, and the sun is very often shining here thanks to the soft climate of the Valley Sourse with significant southern influences.

For the quality of snow, it is possible not to worry, especially in the spring – the center, which is the cradle of artificial snow on the routes, has repeatedly honored the awards for impeccable training.

Eldorado on Sanya.

Savronin – station with a very family profile. Sani here are a serious competitor ski racing and snowboard. In total, their almost 25 km, and the output from the upper gondola station depending on the selected option ranges from 13 to 15 km. The village itself boasts an exceptional choice of apartments for recreation and the quality mark "Families Welcome". Eight game sites for children reflect efforts to meet their needs – for example, in the center there is a "Pinocchio Club" with educational routes for children.

It was in Savoniane that was built First Cube Hotel. Glass and steel cube is an innovation not only from the point of view of architecture, but also in terms of functionality. Hotel Offer Focused on young, sports and sociable guests, and its design is designed to as much as possible to integrate visitors. The hotel is located next to the lower elevator station. The nightclub has a wall for climbing, PlayStation slot machines and discos. A variety of entertainment APRE-SKI means that breakfasts in the hotel serve to 15.00.

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