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Hotel Savoy Baur En Ville is located on Paradeplatz in the center of the Financial Quarter Zurich. Just a few minutes from here, the Old Town of Niederdorf and the Oberdorf quarter, attracting guests of the city of romantician medieval streets and cozy Alley, where expensive shops and stylish cafes, luxurious restaurants and numerous bars, as well as the famous Bahnhofstrasse street, are tempting sparkling with windows of elite boutiques, Chinese Garden and main sights Zurich. The Grand Hotel Building, built in 1838, has long been an integral part of the city history. His magnificent neoclassical facade, decorated with romantic colonnade, graceful erkers, massive turrets and a small garden on an outdoor terrace – the celebration of refinement and exquisite luxury – fascinates guests with its architectural perfection, harmoniously combined with the ensemble of historic Zurich, and invites guests to discover the World of Swiss Raduish , impeccable taste and attention even to the most minor trifles. For her many years of history, the hotel survived several large-scale restorations, but not at all losing the very identity and unsurpassed charm, thanks to which he won the recognition of many eminent guests. Elegant furniture, canvas that create a special mood of each room, antique little things, recreated tapestries and exquisite drapets, lush carpets and flower arrangements – Each item here is adjusted to perfection and is designed to play a small, but significant role in an elevated style ensemble, immersing guests to the atmosphere. glorious traditions and splendor times. The complex includes 2 restaurants and a bar. The hotel is located on Paradeplatz in the central part of Zurich. The hotel offers rooms of various categories, including Single, Double, Junior Suite and Suite.

Savoy Baur En Ville 4 Zurich, Switzerland - Description, prices and booking of the hotel Savoy Baur en Ville 4

Each room: Internet. There are 2 restaurants and a bar: Restaurant Baur At The Savoy offers local and international dishes. Real Gourmets will be fascinated by an Italian restaurant ORSINI, captivating guests of the Spirit of Tuscany. Savoy Bar En Ville – an ideal place for friendly meetings and business lines. The hotel is possible to hold meetings and conferences.

Savoy Baur En Ville 4 Zurich, Switzerland - Description, prices and booking of the hotel Savoy Baur en Ville 4

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