Savinsky Monastery

A very close to the old city of Herceg Novi is one of the oldest monasteries in Montenegro – Savinsky Orthodox Male Monastery. Based at the very beginning of the 10th century, he became the stronghold of Christianity on the Boloko Bay coast. Currently, three churches and cemetery are in the monastery complex. A huge beautiful park made of pines and deciduous trees around the monastery.

The very first church is considered a small church of Assumption. Over her entrance is the date of 1030, which is considered the dates of its construction. Small sizes The church attracts with their camera and simplicity outside, and in surprises beautiful frescoes, which were painted by her walls in the 15th century. In the 13th century, according to the legend, Sava Savva came to these places and built here a new church, which later received his name. The observation deck is located near it, with one of the most beautiful views in the district.

Savinsky Monastery Attractions Herceg-Novi Travel Guide

In the 17th century a large Assumption Church was built. Created it in the best traditions of the Baroque style. Its distinguishes fine decoration and richly decorated altar. Special attraction is a huge gilded chandelier and a 15-meter iconostasis. Believers are going here to worship the miraculous icon of the Savrian Mother of God. On the territory of the monastery has long been buried noble Serbs and Montenegrins. Their family tombs represent individual intertepture masterpieces.

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