Save on buying tickets

As you know, savings should be economical. And to whom, as not we, to know about it. So it is not surprising that our compatriots are trying to save everywhere where it is possible. Not exception has become the purchase of tickets. We give a few simple rules, sticking to which you can significantly reduce spending on purchasing airfall.

Rule 1. Flights need To acquire in advance, At the same time, the sooner, the better, especially, if we are talking about the flights in the summer time of vacations and holidays. However, it is necessary to remember what air ticket booking is carried out under certain conditions that must be specified. Such tickets most often can not be changed on equivalent, but with a different date, whereas when they are returned to pay a fine.

Rule 2. Plan a flight, Taking into account the dates on which there are cheap flights, As ticket price depends on a certain day of the week. The most favorable prices are provided by airlines on weekdays, namely from Tuesday and Thursday.

Rule 3. Purchase tickets at once In both ends.

Rule 4. Do not be lazy Compare tickets in different airlines. Especially since today the most optimal acquisition of air tickets is professional specialized sites, on the pages of which you can buy tickets at the most competitive prices. In addition, this method is very convenient because it saves not only time, but also money (so, for booking and buying a plane ticket enough to have an Internet access).

Rule 5. Booking tickets, in advance ask if you need any discounts or special offers. It happens that the cost of air tickets depends on the period of stay at your destination.

Save on buying tickets

Rule 6. If you often use air carriers services, you are credited with bonuses and balls (at least many large airlines offer our customers such a service). Do not forget about bonuses, Accuming a certain number of which can be significantly saved on the flight or request an increased level of service.

Rule 7. Prefer Discounters airlines, Offering fairly cheap low cost airline ticket fares. But at the same time will have to abandon certain services: food, transformation of overall cargo, convenient departure time. But if for you the main thing – inexpensively fly, while you are not carrying a cargo, the weight of which exceeds 25 kg, be sure to pay attention to special offers (the so-called low-cost).

Thus, the more active you will look for your ideal flight, the less cost will be.

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