Save on anything – just not impressions!

My life is bright, filled with the most bright moments and memories, it would hardly have been so saturated if it were not for the nuance. One day, my beloved husband infected me not heal with no medicine disease. It is unlikely that anyone knows her scientific name, it is more famous as "Passion for Traveling". For 15 years of living together with him and our daughter in what edges we did not visit!

As it should be the bona fide keeper of a family hearth, I try to maximize all the money costs as optimized as much as possible. Not that we have lack money, just every time you want to get as many impressions as possible. And, you know, it seems, I opened one wonderful solution to this dilemma.

Hostels: Pragmatic approach to vivid impressions

To all those who go to informative and entertainment excursions, I recommend how to actively use the capabilities of modern hostels. For those who are not in the subject, I will briefly explain that they represent themselves.

To begin with, get rid of your memories … What is a corridor type hostel – remembered? It will not be much difficulty, because half of us spent in it "Golden Years" of their student life in it, and the other half probably often applied there "Friendly visits" to your friends and beloved.

Now remove from the memory of the satellite grandmothers – Vakhtersh, state-bed linen of original shades, crouching kitchen tables and other negative moments. In the resulting gaps, enter the competent reception, clean and tidy rooms, a modern ventilation system, good kitchen appliances, the presence of all sanitary and hygienic amenities in uninterrupted mode, and most importantly – low cost of living. Now you know what a modern hostel is.

Talk about shortcomings

I agree, some particularly pending person can find some disadvantages in the hostels in the form of, for example, a common refrigerator in a common kitchen or one shower cabin at all living. But here, as the aphorism says, "if you can’t change the situation, change your attitude to it". Try honestly to answer myself on one, the only question – why, in fact, you flew for thirty lands?

I personally guarantee traveling by several fundamental principles:

  • To lie down a few hours in a bath with a glass of wine and chocolate, it is not necessary to spend a bunch of money on the flight, it can be done in the home of the beauty salon, but for the remaining money also to buy earrings.
  • Resting, thoughtlessly glorifying local television channels, also does not make much sense – put home satellite TV with a million programs and do it on your favorite home sofa. The best rest is in changing activities. Tired of lying on the beach – get back on the tour. Tired of excursions – go for shopping. You flew thousands of kilometers in search of new impressions, so look for them, all in your hands, and then only it will remain that remembering the magnificent marble toilet in the hotel room.
  • Just if fate brought you to distant Dali, where you have never been, use this chance for everything one hundred. Walk, hate, Meet people, with a local flavor, lifestyle. And the roof over the head with the necessary set of amenities is needed only to sleep before the next, full of impressions, in the afternoon.

Those who travel without special snobs and excessive pathos will surely understand that the hostel is just that optimal version of the reasonable waste of cash.

In the end, you do not have to live in these conditions forever. And three or four overnight stays under one roof with representatives of other cultures and peoples – not at all high fee for wonderful rest. But such savings will pay off with more than a lot of new impressions, because funds embedded in your budget for expensive hotels can be used for exotic purchases, unusual excursions or other original entertainment.

Turn to advantages

In addition to well-organized service and low cost of living (from a pair of hundred rubles in Russia to several euros in Europe for a day), hostels have a few more hidden advantages:

First, it’s a kitchen. I remember how during our trip to Europe we shared a room with Thai and Mexican. Our overall dinner, I tell you – it was something. Without having a cents to visit the national restaurants (which, by the way, do not guarantee that you will be supplied to the dish, prepared exactly on the original recipe), I assigned a lot of tastes, in the quality and authenticity of which I could make sure personally.

Secondly, it is a living communication. It is said that the best way to find out is to closely communicate with his carriers. Looking at her daughter, I understand that accommodation in hostels while traveling allowed us to save us with my husband on tutoring. Of course, it is clearly not shining by a multi-flower.

Several recommendations for choosing a hostel abroad

Save on anything - just not impressions!

And now let’s be fattened towards the sublimation and turn to dry facts. In Europe and America, most hostels are combined into international federations, the largest of which is the International Federation of Youth Hostels (IYHF). All their work is built on seven basic principles:

          1. Openness for all
          2. Cleanliness and tidiness
          3. Security
          4. Privacy
          5. Convenience
          6. Culture of communication

          Hostels entering the federation are marked by a corresponding sign (in the blue triangle – house and tree). The number of Christmas trees on the sign directly indicates the status of the institution:

          • 4 "Christmas Trees". 24-hour hostel equipped with washing machines and other household appliances. There are no more than 6 people in the rooms. There is a shower, luggage storage, wireless Internet. In most cases, meals are included in the fee.
          • 3 "Christmas Trees". The schedule varies. Rooms accommodate up to 8 guests. Breakfast included in the board.
          • 2 "Christmas Trees". Night does not work. The room houses up to 8 people. Shower and toilet – one on the floor. Included breakfast – at the discretion of the owners.
          • 1 "Christmas tree". Night does not work. There are more than 8 people in the room. Shower and toilet – one on the floor. Pour guests alone.
          • 1 "Christmas tree" with "bird". Up to 40 people can accommodate. But it is mainly "wild" hostels – student dormitories in the vacation period.

          The cost of living is inversely proportional to the number of people in the rooms (more people – less fee). In Russia, the cost of one place in the smallest room is fluctuated in the range from 1000 to 1500 rubles per day, in Europe – about 20 euros.

          The vast majority of hostels can offer their visitors both family rooms and rooms in which exclusively men or women are settled. Sometimes in hostels there are also bars and comfortable lounges with a TV.

          Given the possibilities of the modern Internet, I think, in advance to familiarize yourself with the presence of a hostel in that area, where you will go travel, will not be much difficulty, just enter the corresponding request in the search string. Almost all hostels have their own sites, and many Internet portals and the media and publish ratings of such institutions (like, for example, the British newspaper The Guardian), so that everyone may be at the next place. You can also book sleeping places in advance. However, it is not necessary to forget that in normal Western hostels there is a stay limit (as a rule, it is a week), and the floors begin to count from zero (that is, the usual our first floor in Europe is considered zero, and the second – first and t.D.).

          About the our system

          If, abroad, such a kind of hotel business has several decades and has certain traditions, then in Russia he is just beginning to gain popularity. Despite this, already now the hostel system is widely represented in large cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok.

          our hostilers are striving for all means to bring their institutions for a decent European level. And I must say, many it succeeds – decent Internet support and good household conditions attract a stable stream of guests. Another thing is that our compatriots (especially after a 30-year-old stroke) are quite difficult to comprehend the entire charm of this type of deployment away from native places, but this is most likely the time of time.

          So all your hands. Order Flights, drop the cargo of everyday worries from the shoulders, choose a suitable hostel, and ahead – to the unknown pretty of distant lands!

          Save on anything - just not impressions!

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