Save Men’s Food: Stone Soup

In the small town of Almeyrin in the center of Portugal, for several centuries for several centuries, the soup is of stone, or Sopa Da Pedra. This Kushan for a long time was considered a meal of peasants, shepherds, hungry wanderers and soldiers, while he did not speak him to know.

The history of dishes begins, as usual, from the legend. Somehow a certain monk came to an inn. He was hungry, but she did not dare to ask. Instead, addressed the hostess with a request to borrow a saucepan. In her, he intended to prepare stone soup. In confirmation, the traveler pulled out a cobblestone suma with a palm size. The owners became curious, and they let the monk in the house.

The first thing Guest asked to bring salt, put a stone in boiling water, was satisfied. It took meat. The hostess brought remnants from lunch, adding some potatoes and beans. The monk folded everything in the bowler, mixed, tried. And can not tear off. The owners also came to the table – try. Satisfied, the monk took out a stone from the pan, thanked the hospitable owners and went ravoisi. And the soup went to the people.

And although a modern recipe has changed a bit, it still has vegetables: potatoes, beans, cabbage, carrots, onions, garlic, cilantro, mint. And a lot of meat: pork breast, ribs, homemade sausage.

In Almeyrina, a monument is installed on one of the streets, and in the center of the town there is a restaurant eponymous – Sopa da Pedra. Rady soup is served traditionally with a stone in a plate, considering it a symbol of luck. However, there are many restaurants in the city, and in each of them you can find the author’s version of the dish.

However, there is no stone soup not only in Portugal. Many European countries tell stories about the wanderers who asked for the locals to share products and prepared food. In Eastern Europe, the history of a soldier who prepared a porridge from the ax. In Northern Europe, they told how the tramp convinced the hostess to cook nail soup. The worst wanderer nagged a nail to the hearth, hung the bowler with water and asked vegetables to refuel "broth".

In China, too, there is a story about three monks who prepared stone soup by adding rice wine, carrots, pepper to him. At various nations, the stone was replaced with other items: prepared a button from buttons and from. But it was in Portugal that the story of the monk took root. And now for several centuries, local residents prepare a delicious dish.

Save Men's Food Stone Soup

Together with the Portuguese and the Spaniards came to the dish and to South America – Brazil and Bolivia. And if in Brazil adhere to the recipe, faithful to the original, then in Bolivia preparing corn soup with hot lava stones. Dish called kalapurka. Try it, you can in the restaurants of the town of Potosi. There kalapurku necessary in the first half of the day and always hot – just so you can get a taste of volcanic stone.

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Save Men's Food Stone Soup

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