Saudis will buy hotels in London and New York for 1.3 billion. US dollars

3 Associates is engaged in the management of states of rich families. The company intends to buy a Grosvenor House hotel in London (belongs to Indian Sahara Group), as well as majority shares in Dream Downtown and Plaza Hotel (New York). Price of the future deal – 1.3 billion. US dollars.

The company says that the main defendants in a major transaction will be a family from Saudi Arabia, which one is not yet revealed. This offer was planned for a long time, but at the moment 3 Associates decided to force events due to significant «Sailing» English pound course in relation to the US dollar.

According to Jesdeva Saggar, Managing Director 3 Associates, this transaction will become one of the largest and most significant in the industry, while simultaneously demonstrating confidence in the prospects for the commercial real estate market of the British capital.

The billionaire subrata Roy, the founder of Sahara, decided to sell part of his assets, motivating the decision by what is under investigation, and he needs urgently, until August, to find money for a deposit to stay on freedom under the subscription about the unprit. The amount of pledge is 1.5 billion. US dollars.

Saudis will buy hotels in London and New York for 1. 3 billion. US dollars

Earlier it was reported that Kathips are interested in the asset of Roy.

GROSVENOR HOUSE hotel was built in the 20th year of the last century. It is located in the prestigious area of ​​Maifair practically next to the London Hyde Park. The hotel has almost 500 rooms, there are often important events in it, including the presentation of BAFTA awards – British Academy of Cinema and Television Arts.

Plaza Hotel in New York has been working for almost 110 years and has a bright story. This is one of the most famous hotels in «Big Apple». Once his owner was the current US presidential candidate Donald Trump. Mention of Plaza Hotel can be found in numerous artworks such as «The Great Gatsby» Fitzgerald and Hitchcock Film «North of northwest». Marylin Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Group lived at Plaza Hotel «Beatles» In full force. It even planned to hold a wedding sister John Kennedy Patricia. The cost of living here begins from 1 thousand. US dollars per night.

Saudis will buy hotels in London and New York for 1. 3 billion. US dollars

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