Saudi Crown Prince presented the project of Ecoordoda without road

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Ibn Salman presented the project of the ecological city of The Line. It is included in the NEOM program, aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on oil, writes Arab News.

New city will be linear – a length of 170 km. It will be built in three levels, without roads. It is planned that by 2030 about 1 million people will live in it.

Only renewable energy sources will use in a coogerer. Trucks and all service for residents of settlement will be launched underground. Outside, in nature, people will live. In addition, artificial intelligence technologies will be used in the city to search for ways to improve the life of residents of settlement. The authors of the project are thought of opening 380,000 jobs.

Saudi Crown Prince presented the project of Ecoordoda without road

All necessary infrastructure will be a 5-minute walk from future houses, it will be reached in 20 minutes to the nearest city.

"We need to transform the usual concept of the city and make it futuristic. Why we have to sacrifice the nature for the sake of development? Why 7 million people must die every year due to pollution? Why should we lose a million people annually due to traffic accidents? And why should we put up with the years spent on a job trip?"- said the Crown Prince.

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