Saudi Arabia builds a superscript resort area on the Red Sea

In the project "Red Sea" (Red Sea Project), occupying 28000 sq. km of untouched land from the western coast Saudi Arabia, United simultaneously innovative design, environmental friendliness and natural types of incredible beauty.


Every year the climate on the planet changes more and, unfortunately, not for the better. Conscious travelers draw their attention to sparing environment Ecotourism. Recently, travel companies have begun to promote another branch – regenerative tourism (rest, combined with difficulty for nature). One of the pioneers in this area was the innovative project of Saudi Arabia "Red Sea", which will open in 2022.

The project "Red Sea", occupying 28,000 km2 of the untouched land at the western coast of the Kingdom, will be fully secured by renewable energy sources, and all buildings on its territory will be built from environmentally friendly materials. 75 percent of the extensive landscape will remain uninhabited.

View from space to the new resort area of ​​Red Sea Project

The resort in Saudi Arabia has already has all the prerequisites not only to become a worthy competitor to such countries – "giants" of tourist business as Egypt or Pacific, but also surpass them at the expense of innovative solutions.

Coral reefs in the area Red Sea Project Construction work in the Red Sea Project area

The location of the coastal guest villas was planned after conducting extensive seabed studies so as not to damage coral reefs and not to create a barrier for marine currents. The implementation of light and noise pollution is minimized, and the use of disposable plastics is not allowed. In addition, the annual number of visitors will be carefully monitored to avoid excessive influx of tourists and save up to 30 percent of the territory intact by 2040.

Those who bring to visit the resort are real lucky. This is one of the most ambitious tourist projects in history, consisting of the archipelago from 90 untouched islands, 200 km of the idyllic coastline, coral reefs and domestic sites with mountain canyons, sleeping volcanoes and treasures of the country’s ancient heritage.

At the first stage of the construction of the resort, five islands will be carefully developed and an international airport was opened, designed by the architectural company Foster + Partners.

RED SEA Project Map

Local Airport will deliver guests from the most remote corners of the world in just 8 hours of flight. Upon arrival, guests will not only be able to explore the islands and desert plains, but also to take part in a diverse and exciting program of cultural, educational and wellness activities that can be chosen in accordance with their interests.

Dunes in Coral Bloom (Coral Bloom), Schurair Island Dunes in Coral Bloom (Coral Bloom), Schurayrah Island (Shurayrah)

Saudi Arabia builds a superscript resort area on the Red Sea

By 2030, there will be 50 hotels in the resort and about 1,300 residences on 22 islands and six domestic sites. The main idea of ​​resting on the "Red Sea" is that guests can move from one island to another, meeting on their path everything is from traditional Arabic cuisine and crafts to archaeological relics. The area of ​​the resort has its historic heritage: the rocks are littered with mysterious drawings, and the desert is crossed by trading routes, for which the merchants of the ancient Nabatoy civilization went and delivered spices and incense. Mada’in Saleh, UNESCO World Heritage Site, is also located nearby for convenience of visits. In nine special protected areas are protected by rare species of wild animals. Among them are green and hrictered turtles, wild cats, die off the sea birds, and in the lagoon – hundreds of types of corals and fish.


Coral Bloom (Coral Bloom) is conceived as the Central Island of the Red Sea. On one of this island you can see the whole 9 absolutely different, but equally beautiful landscapes: dunes, trails, bays, coral pavilion, reef villas, reserve, club, golf course and "luxurious village".

Design buildings that would correspond to this incredibly diverse environment was a difficult task, so the team of the best architects of the world was involved in the project. Among them – the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma (Kengo Kuma), known to be discreet, elegant and minimalistic forms of its projects, which are art and nature as a whole. Kengo Kuma is engaged in designing 100 villas on Ummahat Al Shaykh (Ummahat Al Shaykh), as well as two restaurants, spa centers and pavilions for official receptions.

Islands in the project Red Sea Project, Saudi Arabia

It is worth paying attention to another unusual design solution – Schuraryra Island (Shurayrah), made in the form of dolphin. And on Sheebara Island (Sheybarah) can be resting in villas with private pools and a restaurant over the level of a quiet azure ocean.

In addition to all of the listed, it is worth recalling that in this part of the world the average temperature in the summer is 32 ° C, and the sun shines 360 days a year. It seems that the project "Red Sea" is not just a luxurious resort, but the real paradise on earth.

Saudi Arabia builds a superscript resort area on the Red Sea

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