Saturn – Resort town, which is ready to take tourists of all ages and any prosperity.
Famous for good healing procedures.
The total sandy coast connects Saturn and the resort areas of Venus and Manglia.

Saturn has a campsite for 1,500 places and two villages for rest – Dunerea (Danube) and Delta (Delta).

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What is interesting to see in Saturn?

Top sights Saturn

Saturn: excursions and events

Sightseeing tour of the Romanian coast of the Black Sea, in the city of Constanta It is worth a visit to Tourist Port Tomis, Casino and Aquarium.
Excursion to Bucharest, the capital of the country, it is considered "Little Paris" Romania ("House of the people" – The second building in the world in the world after the Pentagon, the Triumphal Arch, the House of Editions, Romanian Ateney, the National Museum of History, the Museum of the village, where peasant farms from all over the country are collected).

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Saturn, Romania Recreation, Reviews, Hotels Saturn Travel Guide

Climate in Saturn

Climate with soft winter and long bathing season.

Saturn: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Riding School, Sports Spaces.
Fisteners of fishing awaits Lake Mangalia.

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