Saturated rest in Alanya (Turkey)

Turkey – a multifaceted country. Despite the fact that this direction is longly spent tourists from all over the world, including from the post-Soviet space, his popularity does not fade. Turkey entails magnificent nature, excellent service, well-developed infrastructure, attractions, as well as low tours of tours. Especially stand out on the general background of popular resorts of Alanya. Vouchers in this area are incredibly cheap (in comparison with average prices for rest in Turkey). In addition, it is always possible to seriously save even in low-cost trips. In stock Burning tours to Turkey from St. Petersburg are regularly, and in hotels in different stars. Prefer to relax on Alany students, young people, young families, as well as in love with couples who crave privacy and peace.

Beach holiday in Alanya

Choosing a ticket, it is very important to clarify the beach type in advance. In Alanya they are not homogeneous. There are beaches and with sand, and with a large pebble, and even stony. Therefore, it is recommended to clarify in advance which beach at the hotel’s offered hotel so that it is not a surprise at the last moment. Although the resort is prevailing small beaches with small yellow sand.

In Alanya a lot of bays, so on the beaches very calm and cozy. Shores gerier, entering the sea smooth, without sharp breaks. Therefore, it is quite possible to relax with children, which are not yet very experienced swimmers.

Available Beach holidays not only in summer. It is also quite acceptable for this, the period from April to May, as well as from September to November. In the spring and autumn, last minute tours in Alanya are unusually cheap.

Saturated rest in Alanya (Turkey)

The most impressive attraction of the city is the fortress of Ich-Kale. At night, it is highlighted to emphasize all the beauty of this majestic Byzantine facilities. Powerful fortress walls, preserved in good condition. They stretch 6.5 km.

From Alanya you can go to the nearby sea park. There you can look at dolphins, sharks, as well as sea rods and other exotic water inhabitants, as well as swim with some of them in the pool with a mask.

Recommended for visits and caves in which shelters had previously arranged asylum. There is also a unique luminous cave. You can visit these attractions with both the tourist group and independently.

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