Satm 2011

At the end of October, Satm 2011 will be held in Panama – the largest tourist exhibition of Central America. In connection with the growing interest in Central America among ours, many travel agencies from Russia seek to conclude contracts directly with representatives of tourism of these countries. To coordinate the actions of the turbines, the exhibition organizers have provided video conferencing using Polycom HDX 9000. The multi-point Polycom HDX 9000 function will allow to discuss opportunities for cooperation to representatives of several regions at once and see the presentation of new tourist programs in the literal. Such a conference foundation will provide a higher level of negotiations and facilitates the signing of contracts, the organizers of SATM 2011 are hoped.

In addition to creating new business connections, the Tourism Ministry of Panama hopes for the large integration of Central America countries in the tourist sphere. All countries of the region will be presented at the exhibition: Panama, Costa Rica, Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua. It is expected that countries will not speak separately, but a single front and will present new routes, covering several states in the region at once. At the same time, the emphasis will be made not only on cruises, but also on active, and informational rest.

Satm 2011

The Central America Travel Mart 2011 exhibition will be held in Panama from 20 to 21 October.

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