Sash of the shell

In terms of attractions per capita, Italy ranks first in the world. Therefore, it is quite difficult in this country to choose one any landmark – too many of them in every city. Nevertheless, the history of Piazza del Campo in Siena, a small town, 30 km from Florence (Tuscany Province).

Piazza del Campo, or just Campo – the central square of Siena, who has fallen in for its uniqueness to all textbooks on the history of architecture. Almost all central streets of Siena converge on this beautiful area, having, if you look at it from a height, the shape of the sink of the shell. Architects of the Middle Ages perfectly used when creating irregularity of relief. Bridge Campo with its special bricks, laid out with zigzags, is divided by white stripes on nine sectors – by the number of rulers in the XIII century Siena. Red bricks that love to sit and even sow on sunny days tourists, as if balance the wrong bend of the base of the area, really very similar to the sink of the shell. Frame an area of ​​a 100-meter tower over the city council, a museum, a reservoir Font Guy and amazing beauty residential buildings.

Sash of the shell

In the Middle Ages, Buffolates were organized on Campo – Competitions for fist combat. And here is held annually the Palio, a grand celebration, which can be seen only twice a year in Siena. Every year on July 2 and August 16 (the day of the Madonna di Provintsano and the Day of the Assumption of Our Lady) Campo is filled with thousands of locals in medieval costumes, jugglers and magicians, standard bearers and warriors. The culmination of the Paleo – jumps at bareback riding, in which riders compete against each other, representing the contrada (city districts), each of which has its "animal" symbol. For example, in the area of ​​Siena has a caterpillar, dragon, wolf, goose and even a unicorn. Contrada whole year preparing for the Paleo: sew luxury medieval costumes, conduct rehearsals, parades, training riders. Participants must pass around the Campo three times on the way, replete with ups and downs. Riders in relation to competitors are allowed to literally everything: to push them, to prevent and even to drop to the ground. The explosion of firecrackers notify the race end. Winner, especially his horse, waiting for the huge honor – both will bathe in the glory until next year, when the Campo holiday will come again.

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