Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

Among churches, not rebuilt and not upgraded, highlights Church of Santa Maria Dei Miracoli (Santa Maria Dei Miracoli) . On one of the small areas in the area Cannarego , In the very corner between the houses rubbing on the everyday space of Campo Santa Maria Nova Marble angle of this church. The building it rushes in the eye not immediately, but, only hitting the focus of your pupil, it immediately takes attention to himself and pens out all other objects located on Campo: shops and cafes, trees and rare shops for Venice.

This church is often called "Carved marble box" . She really looks like a carved chest. It seems that the building of the church is squeezed between the houses, right on the channel from somewhere on top – so here is closely. But if you remember that during the early Renaissance Kannaregio district It was not yet built up as today, it turns out that these are those standing around residential houses have surrendered the church, flas down to her, asking for protection and blessings. The building seems small, but inside it is majestic and luxurious. Bridges, enveling the church, as if they keep her on the weight over the channel.

Venice It has long been holding the first place in Europe by the number of churches per capita. In the city there are numbers More than 150 religious buildings . Many of them are architecture masterpieces, in almost every one is kept by one or another number of original cloths of outstanding Venetian painters. Almost every church has its own unique style and memorable decor forever.

Churches in the city arise quite unexpectedly. It seems to be walking on a very calm, unremarkable living quarter, suddenly, from where, either take, the old building of the Church grows in front of you. Externally, it can be completely inconspicuous, but inside – ahnesh from delight.

Ancient church buildings laid back in the VIII-IX centuries, with time, and in accordance with the era, were rebuilt, decorated. Luxurious baroque facades were attached to some. In short, there is something to be surprised and what to admire.

The word "Miracles" translated from Italian as "wonders" . And the truth, it seems a miracle that among the most common for Venice and especially for Cannarego houses there is this marble jewelry, a box with a miracle. The miracle is stored – the miraculous image of the Virgin Mary of Nikolo di Pietro. It is for this image that the church was built.

How to get to Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

Church on the map

Facade of Church

Route rubbish from the bridge Rialto . Sowing with Rialto to the side Piazza San Marco , Turning on Campo San Bartolomeo to the left, go straight through Salizzada Dei Fontego Dei Tedeschi, go Bridge and walk on the same street that will change the name on Salizzada San-Giovanni Grisostomo. Go another bridge. After the bridge, this street is divided into two, you need to turn right (Salizzada San Canzian) and go through it. Then you will see that the street you went to change the name on Calle Del Campanil, it means that you need to be ready at the Church of San Kanchiano right. This street is predicted to the street perpendicular to it. Turning to the right, go straight and soon you will find yourself on Campo Santa Maria Nova , Where in the canal and see the corner of the church of Santa Maria Dei Miracoli.

Only it seems that the path is tangled and long. Actually, The road will take you no more than ten minutes.

The church is open to visits Daily from 10:00 to 17:00 , On Sundays it works from 15:00 to 17:00. The entrance is paid, it is 3 Euro .

What to see in the church of Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

First-invoor, herself The church is very beautiful outwardly . Architect Pietro Lombardo Having created his marble miracle as a wonderful tabernacle for the image of a graduate virgin, using how the legend says, the remains of marble from construction Cathedral of St. Mark . All the walls of the church are laid out marble plates of different shades. Because it seems quite new, although it was built at the end of the XV century and It is considered one of the oldest churches of Venice . The facade is decorated with carvings on mramor and marble mosaic from multicolored pieces.

Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

Interijar of the Church (photos from Wikipedia)

Dome Lunet on the facade and gives the church building similarity with a box. Dome himself built later, decorated with fifty statues Saints and Prophets. Sculptures created Piero Maria Menakki.

Inside the church is striking the greatness and solemnity. The combination of white, pink and blue marble will leave the mark in your heart, because it will seem to you that inside the church is much more than outside. These shades create a majestic and strict atmosphere, forced to think about the fragrance of life and livery of life. But at the same time, they do not hurt. The staircase leads to the altar , The altar is separated from the common hall of Balustrade, decorated with statues and medallions of Tullio Lombardo, Son Pietro Lombardo, Chief Architect of the Cathedral.

The walls of the church are decorated with frescoes. The light falling out of high windows fills the church itself and the people who came here with goodness. No wonder this church is very popular with Venetians as a place for wedding.

I think that even people who are distant from religion will be squeezed in Santa Maria Dei Miracoli Peace and pacification from the atmosphere created by the worst Renaissance masters.

History of Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

This church was created specifically for the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary, which he wrote Nikolo di Pietro . And the father and son Lombardo built a luxury home for this icon, which is now on the church altar. Construction began in 1481, and finished and sanctified the church December 31, 1489 . In the New Year, Venetians entered the new church.

In 1528 Dome of the Church was built. In 1584, the church was expanded: the construction of the Women’s Monastery of Saint Claire began nearby. Connecting the church and the monastery of the track are not preserved. The area was later actively built. At the beginning of the XXI century church Santa Maria Dei Miracoli Passed restoration under the patronage of the American Foundation for the Rescue Venice.

Santa Maria Dei Miracoli

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