Santa Cruz de la Palma (Santa Cruz de la Palma)

Santa Cruz de la Palma (Santa Cruz de la Palma) – City and municipality in the eastern part of La Palma Island, is the capital of the island. Population – 17,132 people (2008). Area of ​​territory – 43.38 km².

The city is located at the bay, which Guangchi called Timibicar. For a long time, the city has played a significant role in the economic and political life of Spain. In the XVI century, it was the third port in the entire Spanish Empire, after Seville and Antwerp, as well as the best shipbuilding center on Canaries. The richness of the city attracted pirates: several times they robbed him, especially the cruel raid occurred in 1553 under the command of the Jean-Field de Bilancourt, nicknamed "Wooden foot". However, the city has always managed to recover, and today it is the capital of the island.

Soaring on the slopes of volcanic crater, Santa Cruz de la Palma is considered one of the most beautiful cities on Canaries. Modern buildings are combined with a picturesque old town. The center has developed for a small period of time and therefore very harmonious.

Along the embankment of Avenida Maritim, there are numerous bars and restaurants, equally popular from both tourists and local residents.

The main sights of the city are located within a few blocks from the embankment of Avenid Maritima.

The heart of the old city and the most beautiful part of it are Square of Spain and Dali Street.

Spain Square – Small Triangular Square with Wonderful Stone Fountain (1776 g).

On the street Dali is located Palace of Salazara 17th century, where the tourist center is now located, and there are many shops, bars and offices on both sides of the street, many of which are located in ancient mansions.

Santa Cruz de la Palma (Santa Cruz de la Palma)

If you go to the north on the street Dali, you can walk to the heart of the old city, where Aantenamento (Town Hall) 16th century. Hall ceilings are decorated with tea tree, as well as nearby Church de San Sebastian, dating.

On the elevation of the area of ​​the Constitution Church of the Holy Light 16th century, one of several small churches of the city.

Another attraction – Fortress Castillo de Santa Catalina, which perfectly defended the city from pirates.

At the end of the street Calle Real can be seen Model of the ship Columbus «Santa Maria» real size. The model is used as a maritime museum.

On the embankment there are several beautiful amazingly painted old houses with balconies.

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