Santa Cristina-Valgardena

Santa Kristina – Ski resort, small alpine settlement at an altitude of about 1500 meters, where the riding zone Gardena is a huge valley surrounded by several vertices.

Cute and cozy Santa Cristina — A small town in the center of Val-Garden Valley, a little less than the neighboring ortise, with cute houses and good hotels.

The population of the city is 1.7 thousand. Man (93% Ladins, 2% Italians, 5% Germans).

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Santa Cristina Valgardena, Italy Holidays, Reviews, Hotels Santa Cristina-Valgardena Travel Guide

Resorts offer 175 km of well-equipped trails, of which 32 lungs, 23 high-difficult tracks and 4 complex, perfectly equipped with gondolum type lifts, chair and buglyls.
There is a rink, ski school, school jumps from a springboard.
Ski pass “Super” Specifies throughout the territory of Dolomites for all 464 lifts and 750 miles of ski slopes.
For professionals, the World Championship’s track will fit, descending from the top of Chyampioni (Ciampioni, 2254 m) in the town of Selva. The route is supported in excellent condition.
We also recommend a great descent from the same peak of whonypione, but already in Santa Cristina.

For lovers of virgin skiing, we will advise the Schiechen run (Seceda, 2518 m) — Col Raiser (COL Raiser, 2103 m). After the snowfall, he is an endless snowfield.

For high-level skiers in Val Garden, there are quite a lot of tracks. For the convenience of the location and efficiency of skiing (time riding time) we will advise four tracks ending in Selle and Santa Cristina and talking on whonypioni (3 tracks) and Danterchepies (Dantercepies) (1 track).

Transport Features Santa Cristina-Valgarden

Taxi: Buses: car rental: Airports: The nearest airport is – Verona, 152 km.

Railway: Railroad station –
Clausen (18 km), or Bolzano
(35 km), or Brixen (30 km)

Santa Cristina Valgardena, Italy Holidays, Reviews, Hotels Santa Cristina-Valgardena Travel Guide

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