Santa Claus World Cup

The Santa Claus World Championships take place in the Swiss city of Santa Claus annually. Santa Clauses come here from all over the world to find out who of them is the best. They climb through smoke trumpets, decorate gingerbreads, pose sculptures from snow and participate in racing on sleigh. As part of the championship, Santa Claus parade is also available.

Every year more than a hundred Santa Claus from around the world participate annually. They are divided into four people team. The championship is held in two rounds: in the first participate up to 32 teams, only 12 fours come out in the second, which are fighting for victory. The winner team receives a cash prize in the amount of five thousand euros. However, the fun at the championship expects not only participants, but also fans: visitors can go skiing and visit holiday parties.

Santa Claus World Cup

This year the championship will be held on 26th and November 27th. And for the first time the championship was held in Samnauna in 2001. The championship is held on the eve of the Catholic Day of St. Nicholas, who is considered by the investigator of the tradition to throw in a chimney or under the Christmas tree gifts for Christmas and New Year. According to the reference, Saint Nikolay threw three bags with gold coins in the window tolender merchant. As a result, the merchant was able to pay off his debts, and he did not have to sell his own daughters.

Santa Claus World Cup

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