Santa Claus walks on Berlin

Patch stomach and wool beard on site? Nose red and coat without spots? The bell rings? Then we went! Once today there is no snow (and was there ever in Berlin snow to christmas?), I do not sit in Sanya, but on a bicycle, and go to the solemn way to East Berlin to children in twelve German families. My appearance on the street causes a storm of enthusiasm as after the won World Championship: Cottages of cars, welcoming cries of pedestrians. And the children look for me after big surprised eyes. Do not believe? I’m santa frost.

Today is christmas, twenty fourth. Everyone will know me, all I’m glad, everyone loves me once a year. I quive my head in response, well, just like Pope. My good people, whether you were kind this year? I am favorably I think. And then the light snow begins to kill a stern Berlin landscape. I, of course, the most that neither is a real Santa Claus, but one of many incarnations. And so that it is not to get confused in who I actually appeal to the direction of the student service of the Labor Service at the Free University of Berlin. Here I am happy to meet and send me on business trips in different directions of the city. But most of all I love being Santa Claus in East Berlin. There Christmas folklore is played by a full coil.

December 24, East Berlin Epicenter of National Happiness: The windows are degraded with snowflakes, paper garlands and serpentine, the Christmas trees are overloaded, and children are dispersed. But without the educational moment it does not cost, and therefore everyone needs Santa Claus. Parents help me in advance to make a gold book, where all the exploits, charms, sins and secrets of children are going to. I speak naively by phone: For that, Santa Claus can especially praise your child? As a rule, parents are much easier to criticize than to praise. They ask for: hint for Jessica more often cleaned his teeth and smallerly Bila. Or: Jorik can’t sleep in any way to sleep in our bed. Could you, but desirable without. There are simple wishes: we love our little much. Let them laugh.

fourteen.00. So I looked. Having shook snowflakes with a red coat and comforting released on the first snow by the mandarins and promise to come later, I enter the first home. Thank God, the mountain of gifts left by the parents in front of the door, you can still raise and shifting into the bag. On the sound of my bell and knock on the door of the house meets the desperate football of children’s legs.

Nuk, Nuk, here I got? Liza and Lucas live here? And where do you have a Christmas tree? Children, making sure that Santa Claus does not bite, lead me into the room, where the smell of a juicy christmas goose is mixed with a tart flavor of candles. The whole family crowds around the Christmas tree, and I will meet a joyful polyphonic hello. Do not disassemble who is who, and no matter. With Ahami and Ochami, I put my bag on the floor. I do not understand why he is so heavy. What angels me put there? Stones that?

To navigate, I first go to the Christmas tree. What is the charm? She is real? Then an entertaining conversation with children. After the kid got out of the memorized rhymes, and the satisfied public expressed delight, I translate the shooting arrows to the old people: Santa Claus loves poems. Maybe dad with mom also sing something or dance? But dad and mom know only cool to train their offspring. As a rule, in such cases, grandparents come to the rescue.

It’s time to start staring with your feet that there are strength to wake up the wizard Frau Hall, who lives in the clouds and is responsible for snow. She had not shaken her feather long ago. But today it can be stupid on the floor and break public order without fears that neighbors will call the police.

The biggest enemy of Santa Claus alcohol. Here and gray thick beard The main defender rarely saves. Dismiss the pile, not offended, it is possible only to the most intelligent grandmiths. Inexperienced falls out: after the third family, you do not know who to give and most importantly for what. Although there are also special, anti-alcohol families. In such houses, the culture of individualism is written with a capital letter. There is a Christmas tree not a Christmas tree, and pine, and besides, also a curve, and the obligatory verses are read not like everyone else, but something from Breht and completely unborn. And pets here are important named and surname and honor gifts. In vain Westerns laugh above East Germany. Here you can dig anything and a bunch of interesting.

After praise for the artistic abilities of Santa Claus, he should believe to the most solemn part, to the main. You drew me such beautiful pictures. Let’s see what angels put me in the bag. With great efforts, I take a gift for a gift. And then a variety of shades are found in the characters of kids. Liza with quiet loss whispers: Oh, and it too? Lucas turns into a predator: thanks, and still have? Finally, the last nuts and mandarinks shake out of the bag. Yeah, now it is clear why the bag was so heavy by having turned out, I say I. In response to this leaser commented on Mom: Now Santa Claus understands why the bag was so heavy. The smallest of the most thin observers and connoisseurs of gifts: they are thrown on the last mandark, scratching out of the bag, and keep it for it, forgetting the tons of gifts, which they tasked their parents.

And why I have not seen your sleigh on the street? Favorite boy is alarmed.

Santa Claus walks on Berlin

Probably, my deers are still looking for where to park.

And how did you come to the sleigh without snow?

Oh, and do not ask, with sin in half, so my bones hurt.

Everyone seems to be satisfied, even parents who were expected from Santa Claus not only entertainment, but also the edification lessons, which, as in a fairy tale, would solve all educational problems in one moment. But Santa Claus is always on the side of children. He is unlikely. In the doorway, I will imperceptibly handed an envelope with a purely symbolic remuneration (forty-five brands per speech) and some bottle of Schnaps. And here I am already in a hurry to right, left, up and down the stairs, towards smiling children.

22.00. One day from the life of Berlin Santa Claus came to an end. Too fast. Now I am the most ordinary man Berlinets Johen Stappenbek. True, having lost a cotton word and red fur coats in the stars and even drinking, I have not lost my ability to clearly talk and write. German and our words still succeed with equal success. But I still have not congratulated friends and children in Russia.

Santa Claus walks on Berlin

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