Santa Claus village, Lapland

I thought something: time like a winter, it’s time to show some of the thematic photos to show. In the village of Santa, located near the capital of Lapland – Rovaniemi, we looked in passing along the way to Northskap – literally on the watch. The plans were lingering here a little longer on the way back, but for technical reasons I had to go to public transport – what’s the stop there.

Biffder, in February there is absolutely nothing – the park is closed. There is such a sign on the entrance.

Sole open institution – Souvenir shop. Honestly, I am not particularly imbued with the assortment – if you ride in Lapland, souvenirs there are a reason to buy in Ivalo – there the choice was where as diverse (and the prices of democratic).

Santa village is located across the polar circle. Temperature – appropriate. At this very moment, if the memory does not fail me, it was 32 degrees below zero. Photographing at the same time – dubious pleasure. The tripod had to reset in the car and shoot on the machine.

I liked the most in Lapland in Lapland – there is a lot of it there, it is clean and lies everywhere – on the wires, on the walls of houses, on lampposts and on road signs (and from both sides). But all the roads are accurately cleared. Even if the road is acknowledged in the deaf forest.

Apparently – the residence of Santa Claus. It was not limited to us – I see after the New Year to rest on the south.

There, but on the other hand.

Most of the buildings – souvenir benches. Maybe there would be interesting that interesting, but, as I already mentioned above – the duty shop did not impress.

If I understand correctly – for the fence, that in the background, there is a playpen, where tourists entertain riding on loses Reindeers. However, deer along with Dwarves in February is also in collective vacation.

The place is actually very beautiful, but in the conditions of the polar night and the invigorating frost it is difficult to take a picture so that this very beauty can be conveyed in the photo. Live looking much more interesting – the snow creaks under his feet, everything around is overflowing with multicolored lights – just a song.

Santa Claus village, Lapland

Local post office. Of course, also closed.

On the other hand, quietly and dearly, the streets wandered in proud loneliness.

Another street.

Walls of all buildings thick covered with autographs. In general, in Lapland everywhere you hear our speech – it feels like ours there more than Finns. However, nothing surprising – from the same Murmansk or Monchegorsk, consider hand to hand.

In general, I think that in Rovaniemi, you will need to take a ride. Ideally – for Christmas. And not a car, but on the train or even on the plane. Although something tells me – in the height of the season there is a real tourist hell.

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