Santa Claus life rules

There are porridge and play sports, to be an optimist and appreciate your loved ones, meet people from all over the world and spend talks on Skype – this is what modern Santa looks like. Yes, yes, the one that lives in Rovaniemi in Lapland, and which is also called Julupukki.

His residence is open to visitors all year round. In it, everything is like on Christmas day: red tablecloths, mountains of gifts, decorated with spruce. Immediately at the threshold you will meet the figures of trolls. Further, through the souvenir shop, you will be straightforward "on the carpet" from which the countdown begins: before seeing Santa, it remains 10, 9, 8, 7 steps ..

Beloborochy Wizard Smears on his throne – a wide chair with comfortable armrests. Even in the summer children come to him and their parents. In order to see it, you do not need to book time in advance, as well as buy a ticket. Miracle will happen absolutely free.

I’m waiting for my turn. In view of the reception corridor. Here on the walls you can find portraits of santa claus predecessors, as well as pictures from Christmas Celebration History. Here, finally, the family of ten jumps from the knee of the famous grandfather. I’m going to shake his hand, and without keeping, hugging.

His green-brown eyes are smiling, and the familiar "OKH-ho-ho".

Generally, I, of course, can speak in all languages! The closer to christmas, especially run. But today let’s talk in English.

It is now, before the new year’s occurrence, – the best time to visit Lapland. On holidays here are so many people that the queue for me starts from the street. Now I can highlight for you more time. But for Christmas, for example, we would have only a minute.

By the way, we can often see the Northern Lights here. Tonight, the hours at seven, I feed my deer and I will go to check if it did not appear in the chain. Before that, I would drink some coffee.

What I do is not work. This is a lifestyle. Officially, my doors for guests are open from 9:00 to 17:00, sometimes until 18:00. Closer to christmas I plan to start reception earlier, from 8:00. And so all 365 days a year.

I have been in Russia. Beautiful country! So big … When I am asked, where it is colder: in Lapland or you – I always say: Look at the size of Russia. In Siberia, what cold, up to -50 ° C. It is very cold. I have warmer here. But I know if someone frozen – it means he just doses wrong.

I spend a lot of time here on the polar circle. In Rovaniemi – My official residence. I am meeting with a lot of people. But every evening I come back to where my house is located.

This place is in Finnish called Korvatunturi, What does "mountain with ears" mean (location is located on the our-Finnish border. – approx. Avt.). Tourists do not come there, this is my personal space. I rest there. My wife, who prepares porridge for me.

This is my favorite dish – rice porridge. I still love cloudberry very much. Sometimes because of this love, I am gaining weight, but this is not a problem, because in Christmas you have to move a lot.

My plan looks like that. First I feed deer. Then enjoy the fresh air. Meeting people. And in the evening I return to Corvatunturi. I love there to get in the sauna. And complete all this dinner in the company of his wife.

Do I have children? Oh oh oh… I’m a little old for this. But all my guests, guys, I consider my relatives. I want to bring joy to each of them.

I became Santa when myself was still a boys. That was a long time ago. And all began with the fact that I found that I love to give people gifts. I started doing it, and every person waited for it to repeat the next year. Then after 12 months I gave them even more. So began this tradition. Now I can’t say how many years in a row I do it.

The most popular question I ask – about my age. Even today I answered him. We somehow tried to calculate it with Mrs. Claus. Satisfied until midnight. And then she said that they were tired. We lost your bill and decided not to do this anymore.

If you want to find an answer yourself, I will give you a hint. Santa studied at the Elf School – it takes 99 years. And after that … how much do you remember from the history of the facts about me? 589 years old – I consult so much until I fell asleep.

Santa Claus life rules

I usually advise children: Listen to the parents, do not forget to take breaks in school, and if you have done something bad – apologize on the same day. Also walk daily and make homework.

Another important thing in life – go to bed in the right time. And then, perhaps, one day you will become the same very, very old as I.

Even despite my age, I love doing exercises. In the summer, my favorite leisure is fishing. True, the problem is that I never caught a single fish. Probably, I just did not attach a hook to the fishing line. But in the winter I love to swim in ice water.

We do a hole in the lake. I quickly dip and run to the sauna. There I like to relax well well. But I do not do it every day, because my beard is too long, it dries very long.

Play sports, there are more cereals, lead a healthy lifestyle – yes, these are my principles. I recommend them all. And if you like to eat deliciously, like me, you need something to do something to keep a good form.

500,000 – such a number of children every year I meet here in Rovaniemi. But if you consider all my travels on the planet, then you just can’t count the rest. Where I appear is always going to a lot of people.

Now, thanks to progress, I get not only letters. I call on the phone, in Whatsapp, Skype. To see me, you do not need to go to me in Finland. But if guests come, then from everywhere.

Between children from different countries there is a difference only in exactly how I visiting them. For example, in England it is so popular that I do not have enough time to see all. So I just leave a gift for a child at home and he finds him in the morning. Yes, and in the Northern countries: Sweden, Norway, Finland and T. D. – similar situation. Many children. I often tell them: how can I be in so many places at the same time?

But my deer can fly. And this miracle happens for Christmas. Therefore, I can come home to some guys.

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