Santa Clara (Santa Clara)

Santa Clara (Santa Clara) – a town in the province of Villa Clara, central Cuba, 268 km from Havana. The population of 226,900 people (2007).

Santa Clara is a small town with a colonial-style architecture and narrow streets. It makes a special memory of the legendary Che, which is stored here and the wall, and the people.

The city was founded July 15, 1689 175th settlers. From 28 to 31 December 1958 Che Guevara led the battle here for Santa Clara. In 1997, Bolivia was transported from Bolivia to Cuba and solemnly buried in Mausoleum in the west of Santa Clara.

Mausoleum is a multi-meter bronze monument «Furious Ernesto» and monument dedicated to the attack on the armored train. At the base of the first monument, it is arranged by Mausoleum, where the remains of Che were honorable. Giving the highest military honors from the burial site, Fidel Castro lit in this place the eternal fire, which is still burning.

Santa Clara (Santa Clara)

It is also recommended to visit tobacco factory (FáBrica de TabacOS). It is here that high quality tobacco "Montecristo", "Partagas", "Romeo and Julieta", and cigars "Robaina". Visitors will have the opportunity to see the entire process of manual cigar manufacture.

In the center of the city on the street Marta Abreu located Leonsio Vidal Park Parque Leoncio Vidal). The park is considered the heart of the city, open exclusively for pedestrians and always full of leisurely walking locals. Central place here occupies Castle, Built in the XVIII century.

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