Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore

Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore Located on the main square of Florence – Duomo. The cathedral was laid in 1296.

Church of Santa Maria Del Fiore was erected by the project of a talented architecture from Florence Arnolifodi Cambio.

The southern gates of the cathedral were created by the project Andrea Pisano. They are divided into 28 panels with skill bas-reliefs telling about the life and acts of John the Baptist. Northern and Oriental Gate designed Lorenzo Hibacy. For his beauty, the Eastern Gate Michelangelo called «Gates of paradise». At these gates, 10 panels decorated with gold are also depicted on biblical history scenery.

In this cathedral there are burials from Jotto and Bronvers. Internally, the decoration of the cathedral is much more modest than the bright and patterned facade of the church.

Santa Cathedral Maria Del Fiore Sights of Florence Travel Guide

Entrance to the Baptistery will cost tourists in 10 euros. Mark that tourists should be climbed to the roof of the cathedral and admire the wonderful view of Florence.

The cathedral is open to visit with PNI on Fri from 10 am to 17 pm.

The size of the cathedral is impressive: its length is 153 m, width – 38 m, height – 90m. Initially it was assumed that the Cathedral will be able to accommodate all the urban population.

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