Italy resorts: Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina Valfurva resort (Santa Caterina) lies 14 km southeast Bormio, on the border of Stelvio National Park. Located at an altitude of 1740 meters, Santa Caterina town is surrounded by magnificent wooded mountain slopes and complex descents suitable for mostly enough experienced skiers only. On the northern slopes of Mount Monte-Colrette (2800 m, the tracks are laid to a height of 2725 m) are located the most famous routes of the district, which overlook their finish sites right by the middle of the town. And closer to the Passo Gavia, the tracks are easier, but also not emerging from the category "blue" (The total length of the resort’s tracks is more than 40 km, of which only 15% account for relatively light lighters).

    Santa Caterina Resorts
  • Pre-breeding santa katerina
  • Wooded mountain slopes
  • La Ski Area is the largest summer skating area in Europe
  • Experienced skier on the slope

Santa Caterina Ski Stadium is equipped with gentle slopes for beginners and short lift. And nearby the new cable car begins with eight-bed armchairs to Monte Colrette and stretched from there by the tracks of the Deborah companioni, Valle del Alpe and the Counrest of the Cross (in total in the resort 8 lifts). The ski season lasts here from December to March, and the most part of the winter period has experienced skiers and in love with this resort of snowboarders.

Also within 20 km of flat skiing, about one and a half dozens of pedestrian routes (including the territory of the Stelvio National Park), several first-class areas for mountaineering, ski crossing and mountain bike. Unlike Bormio APRES SKI in Santa Katerina, it is strong enough – there is only a handful of bars and restaurants. However, it is necessary to take into account the orientation of the resort precisely on athletes and fans of environmental types of recreation, among which rest in the bar is not very popular.

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