Santa Barbara – California town from the series for 3 hours

— If I go to live in the US,
then settle in Santa Barbara!

— Why in Santa Barbara?

— Yes, I know everyone there!

There are in distant America on the shores of the distant Pacific town, which is known for almost every our person. Name to him Santa Barbara Santa Barbara). Thanks to the long series, the years who joying lovers of soap operas, for having no idea about this city, we all remember his name, snow-white arches with screensavers and a simple melody «TA-TA-TAAAAA!».

Once in California, the staff, shelter Santa Barbara, and and Grisik, of course, could not drive past. We fell into the city, rolling from the picturesque Pacific Coast Highway, and spent a couple of hours in it. What can you have time to see for such a short time segment?

Santa Barbara street

For a few hours you can see quite a bit, but even during this time we managed to understand that Santa Barbara – town quiet, cozy and very cute. We arrived here from Los Angeles and immediately noticed the difference – Streets and buildings look different, there is no bustle, the air is cleaner and cooler.

Santa Barbara is called the city of millionaires, and another California Riviera, as it boasts a favorable location on the very coast of the Pacific Ocean, as well as excellent comfortable weather throughout the year, because with the opposite ocean, the city is guarded by the picturesque mountains protecting against winds.

So in general, the two most central streets of Santa Barbara look like, then whom we left did not have time. Now I will tell you more that you can detect.

Believe me in the screensaver to the series «Santa Barbara» No wonder there were endless snow-white arches. They are literally at every step and rightfully can be called a business card of the city. Almost half of the central street buildings inputs, galleries or windows are decorated in the form of an archer, which gives a special charm to local architecture. We have a whole «arched» collection.

Santa Barbara Country Court (Santa Barbara County Courthouse)

During a walk, our attention attracted a lot of gloomy building. Under the clue, it turned out that this is a district court of Santa Barbara. We have somewhat doubted whether it is possible to go to its territory, and even more so inside, but without having received any warnings on the way and not stumbled upon the prohibitions, found themselves in the walls of this not essential premises built back in 1929.

Surveying area of ​​the clock tower

The 24-meter clock tower on which you can climb and see the panoramic views of Santa Barbara. Looking from the height, the realization comes that the city is much more than a couple-triple of central streets, although they still won’t call it, because his population is less than one hundred thousand inhabitants.

The court has an official website. It turns out that from Monday to Friday, free tours are held for all wishes (the schedule can be found on the site). Santa Barbara County Court Address: 1100 Anacapa Street.


No city do without churches and Santa Barbara did not exception. Franciscan Men’s Monastery and Church of the Spanish Mission are considered the most famous in the city. We were not looking for them, so they did not see, but they found a couple of others, who organically fit into local landscapes.

Alameda Plaza Park

If you look at the map of the city, we can see that there are many parks, squares and other green areas on its territory. Apparently, with the ecology of the case here is not bad. I think if you decide to spend your holiday in Santa Barbara, definitely do not borrow, because there is a walk where. On the way, one small park called Alameda Plaza.

Cafes and restaurants

What exactly in Santa Barbara has no shortage, so it is in all sorts of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and confectionery. They all look extremely cozy and appetizing. I think here you can find institutions for every taste and wallet.

Cute little things

Always call on our readers to pay attention to the details and curious little things, especially since they are enough in Santa Barbara. It is the details that create a common mood of a city and give an inherent appearance.

In addition to all of the above, you can pay attention to the following sights that we left without attention:

Santa Barbara - California town from the series for 3 hours
  • Art Museum (Museum of Art);
  • Sea Museum (Santa Barbara Maritime Museum);
  • Natural History Museum (Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Sea Center);
  • Historic Museum (Santa Barbara Historical Museum);
  • Church of Old Mission Santa Barbara;
  • Botanical Garden (Santa Barbara Botanic Garden).


Of course, you should not forget that Santa Barbara – coastal city, which means that among other sights, it can boast beaches.

The best local beaches are considered:

  • LEDBETTER Beach (Leadbetter Beach),
  • East Beach (East Beach),
  • West Beach (West Beach),
  • Butterfly Beach (Butterfly Beach).

We are on the coast santabarbarskoe go, deciding that even behold water scenery on the way to San Francisco. By the way, judging by others’ reviews, local beaches so-so.

Photos from (West Beach).

That’s how the Tatar-Mongols, we entered the city, swept by him and rode on. Well at least nothing broke. Were satisfied with what they saw, Sisi and Gina are not met.

You cozy towns in Santa Barbara, dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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