Sant Eason’s Island

Islands and isochkov in Venetian Laguna , In fact, a lot. There are big, there are completely tiny. There are those where people live, and there are those from where people for some reason are gone. There are those where people never lived. I am talking about the islands on which there is life and Where it is worth going .

Sant ErasoMo

Sant Eason’s Island On the area quite a bit inferior to the territory that the city of Venice occupies on its islands. If you look at the map of the lagoon and present a triangle whose angles will be Murano , Burano and Punta Sabbeion , then Sant ErasoMo will be in his center.

This extended island is famous has long since "Veen Garden" . It was grown by I Grow grapes , fruits and vegetables that Sell ​​in Venetian markets . For example, artichokes "Castaur" and asparagus. And grapes, which, thanks to Solonchak soil, has a special taste; It is called "the aroma of the sea". Wine from this grapes can only be tried here.

From the history of the island

The island began to settle, like all other islands in the lagoon, from the V-VI centuries . Posted him, mostly altine refugees.

First church Here was Built in 792 and dedicated to the Holy Martyrs Ermome and Erasoch. From Holy Erasocho island his name and got.

The presence of fertile land led to the nature of the occupations of residents. By the XIX century on the island there were already an old Fortification facilities (Sant-Erasocho, a kind, entrance hall in the Venetian lagoon). These structures decided to strengthen and at the end of the first half of the XIX century Fort: Tower Maximilian . Decent such fort with moat and mound.

During the Second World War Fort strongly suffered. After the war it was used as a warehouse. But in 2004 he was restored, and now exhibitions and various cultural events are held there.

What to do on Sant Easamo

Island like no other, Suitable for secluded hiking or cycling away from bustle, noise and modern civilization. The whole island walks the road , For which you can go or go from the village to the village, among the gardens and vegetable vegetable vegetable vegetable vegetable gardens, bordered by shrubs and trees, among high grass, To breathe fresh air , Listening to birds and rustling foliage in the wind. In addition to these sounds, other sounds do not come here. Sometimes, however, a car can drive.

How to rent a bike

For rent bike , True, you will have to work a little: bicycle rentals work on the island of Lido , Here site: venicebikerental.Com . At Sant Eason Bicycles give a rental in the only hotel on the island , Information about which in the next section.

Near stop Vaporetto "Sant Erasmo Forte Massimilian" situated Local beach . It is free and is not particularly equipped, but very popular among the locals, who are a bit, and those Venetians who know about him.

Nearby there is a cafe and a very small park. Go to Fort "Massimilian Tower" there will be no superfluous. Free admission. I can not specify the time, Fort has no site . But in the usual time for museums it works. I was there for an hour for 4 days, watched a photo exhibition.

Stop "Sant Erasmo Capannone" will lead you to a small town where you can find a cafe and a hotel that I will write about just below.

"SANT ERASMO ChIESA" &# 8212; Home Stop Vaporettto. Next to the berth stands Sant Eason Church , But this building does not have a relation to the historical church. This is a small, but rather modern structure, such church buildings in Venice you will not see. There are shops, and bank. It is only important to come here not in Sieste.

Sant Erasochie spend tasting gastro-excursions. In article "Venice. Methods of study "I gave references to the pages of private guides. You can order such a tour on which you will try True Santarath delicacies. For the seed I give a link to the advertising page of such a tour of one particular guide.

Where to stay on Sant Eason

Sant ErasoMo – Unique in that the island is quite large, the island has to Just one hotel . Called O "Il Lato Azzurro" .

By category it Little alpine hotel , But judging by the reviews, Very cozy , Good I inexpensive .

Rent a housing is more difficult here: the island is not very inhabited, rural workers live here, and many venetians on the island have their cottages.

How to get to the island

Sant Eason's Island

From the stop of Vaporetto "Fondamente NOVE" Sit on Route β„–13 . His Putter extreme right . Walk Vaporetto Once every 30-40 minutes . Half an hour in the way , And you already at Sant Eason.

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Sant Eason's Island

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