Sangria. Spanish wine cocktail

It is believed that Sangria appeared about four hundred years ago in southern Spain. Fruit collectors to at least somehow escape from the heat, wearing a burdyuk with red wine, diluted with key water. Such a mixture facilitated the work under the sun, not leading to intoxication. Over time, different fruits began to add in Sangriya, and after a few years of experiments, the recipe of a miracle cocktail was finally formed.

There is a single opinion about why the agricultural drink began to be called precisely Sangria (Sangre in Spanish means "blood"), does not exist. According to one of the legends, it is obliged to care, which happened in the winery province Rioja at the end of the XVII century. Local faeodals, wearing the fact that the crop assembled by peasants did not meet expectations, conducted a punitive operation. As a result, hundreds of people were killed, including women and children. Perhaps furious venoms would destroy all residents of the province, but they presented to them as a gift a drink, which the owners of the castles never tried before. It was a PUNS, cooked from red wine, fruits and sugar. Shocked by his taste, feudals demanded to reveal the recipe, and residents Rioja In memory of the dead began to call Sangria drink from this moment, which can be translated as "Bloody Battle".

Another legend says that Spanish farmers actually have nothing to do with Sangriya invention. The author of this drink allegedly is the Italian soldier Helio Gabal, captured by Spanish conquistadors. The captive was tortured for a long time, considering it by foreign spy. However, this information was not confirmed, and the gabala was released. Once upon a freedom, soldier who in a civilian life was an agronomist, engaged in the study of local varieties of oranges.

Having friendly with local farmers, Gabal told them that she had long been dreaming of creating citrus wine. In his homeland he spent for several years, but without a result. Knowing that the best oranges grow in Spain, He came here to try happiness. Interested farmers brought Gabala with better winemakers, which enthusiastically began to embody the idea of ​​the Italian. They beat several months over the difficult task, however, they could not make wine from oranges.

In one of the evenings, the annoyed gabal, realizing that he didn’t work out, with grief, he threw a few large oranges in a jug with grape wine, stating that, despite the failures, it would only drink Citrus wine. At the same time, he threw a few pieces of ice in a jug to cool her cocktail. The affected Spaniards were distinguished as the Italian stirrates the crimson drink. Having tried it, they proclaimed: "ES SanGre Del Diablo!" ("This is the blood of the devil!"). Gabal was declared the accomplice of Satan and repeatedly subjected to torture. He was burned on the fire, and the name was fixed behind the drink "Sangria". Only a few years later, the Inquisition removed the ban and allowed to prepare Sangria. Since then, it is the most popular Alcoholic cocktail in Spain.

This is primarily explained by the characteristics of the climate Spain, where in summer the temperature does not fall below 30 degrees. Popularity Sangria Features of the national cuisine, which are also characterized by dishes from oily meat prepared on open fire. With meat, as you know, best combines Red wine. However, in the heat to drink it hard, and Sangria acts as a lightweight alternative to the traditional Spanish drink.

In recent years, the fame of fruit punch began to go beyond Spain. Some alcoholic magnates began to establish Sangria production on an industrial scale. However, the Spaniards do not advise buying what is produced in alcohol shops. Part "Industrial Sangria", How it is sickly called Flamenco’s homeland, includes preservatives and dyes that kill natural components. Because the Spaniards strongly recommend mastering the preparation of fruit punch alone. Now there is a huge number Recipes, However, for a start, it makes sense to try the classic Spanish, born four hundred years ago.

Drink Sangria, according to the Spaniards, you need fun and with pleasure. Perfect atmosphere is a country picnic, heat and many friends.

Classic Sangria

Red Wine dry, preferably spanish table.

In a decline to pour 500 ml of bitter tonic, put three large-sliced ​​oranges and two lemon, as well as sugar to taste. Blend stir and put in the fridge for several hours. Before serving on the table in a decanter add a lot of ice.

According to the traditional recipe of Spain Sangria "fixes" a stack of brandy. In this case, the drink will appear not only an increased degree, but also the elusive fragrance, and the taste will acquire an additional shade.

Sangria Weinbrand

Recipe for 10 persons. Three oranges cut into circles, two lemon – by four equal parts. Large cut four purified peach and apple. Place the fruit mixture in a decanter, then add 50 mg of sugar and a glass of orange juice. Then squeeze there lemon, add 40 ml of orange liqueur, winebreaker WEINBRAND and two cinnamon sticks. The mixture is insteading under the lid for three to four hours in a cool place, after which it is possible to remove cinnamon, add four bottles of red dry wines and 125 ml of mineral water.

Tropical Sangria

Sangria. Spanish wine cocktail

Recipe for 4 persons. Shelter peach, one banana, one apple and 300 g melons cut into pieces. Mix all this in a decanter, then add a few grapes grapes. Then pour fruit liter of red dry wine, add two piles of gin or vodka, 300 ml of lemon juice, 100 g of sugar and a little grated cinnamon. Put cool for two hours, after which it is served to the table by adding into a decline of several ice cubes.

Lazy Sangria

Recipe for 4 persons. A bottle of red dry wine is poured into a glass decanter. Add 400 g oranges without a zest and as many apples. Insist on one day. Then add 100 ml of Grenadin, a pile of gin, as much brandy and kuanto, as well as 250 ml of mineral water, sprite or tonic. Last time add ice cubes – it should be no less than wines.

White Sangria

Recipe for 2-3 person. Lemon, orange and peach cut into pieces and put a fruit mix in a decanter. Add a bottle of white dry wine, water, sugar, a little crushed nutmeg and cinnamon. Stir and put in the fridge for a couple of hours. Serve with ice cubes.

Ginger Sangria

For 12 persons. Take 500 ml brandy, 120 ml of a dark Roma, 30 ml of lemon juice, 200 ml of water, 300 ml of ginger ale, one sliced ​​by large slices of orange, several pieces of pineapple and a tablespoon of raspberries.

Mix everything in a cup for a punch and let break for several hours. Before serving on the table, add a large amount of ice.

Sangria. Spanish wine cocktail

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