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Sven walks into something similar to the picker, puts on a helmet, pulls the shrinking gloves burned on the fingers, shifts the transparent eye on the face – and opens the furnace. In the face silent yellow heat, the eyes blindfold, as if you look at the sun. In the heat workshop under 30 degrees, but the tourists suffer: where else will you see this nearby, how the famous bornholm glass.

Bornholm is an island in the south-west of the Baltic Sea, 170 kilometers from Copenhagen and 35 – from the coast of Sweden. German and Scandinavian tourists adore the local beaches for incredibly small, white, torment sand – and for the same sand Bornholm love glazers, "bakeing" from this "flour".

In the past, Sven Holt-Petersen – Bank Clerk; Copenhagen office he traded on a free craft glass. More precisely, the loaf: he does not blow off his belongings, and fills in forms from tight extruded wet sand. The finished product does not need to be removed from the form, it scatters itself.

Copper lined in the form of a huge egg – in the center of the workshop. Near the Iron Tractor – Box with Sand. Sven launches in a hotbed furnace bucket on a long handle and stresses the glass mass. His wife Anita is nervously skipped with scissors: Her task is to cut down glass filaments hanging on the move hanging from the edges of the bucket. Liquid glass winds pours into the sand, then quickly sprinkles with pigments – blue, yellow or red – and stirrates paint so that color curvatures are formed inside the figures. A minute before the glass finally hardens, a wooden tweezers bending a figure, giving it a natural position of the human body, the tilt of the head – and ready. It turned out a little man with a curved torso and adopted head. These figures – branded goods are. You can buy them here, in the shop near the workshop. The average price of the product – 100-150 kroons.

In place and with you

Fashion on glass

Glass on the island was made by centuries, but the products were little known outside Scandinavia. However, in the 80s of the last century, "Boom" began. Coming steel not only from all over Europe, but also from the USA, Canada. The main charm of Bornholm glass products – in their handicrafts, "nonmasidity" (there is no factories on Bornholm, only small workshops). In addition, such patriarchal production is more environmentally friendly. Vases, low heavy candlesticks, dining room dishes are carrying from the island. These things are characterized by muffled colors and natural ornament. Large outdoor vase can do 1000 euros, and a service for 12 persons – in 3500.

Where to buy

Glass Workshop Clay Holt-Petersen in Ry. STATIONSVEJ 5. Tel. +45 56 48 47 46. From 10.00 to 16.00. Call and negotiate a visit needed in advance.

Workshop Pernilly Buloves. Pernille Bulow, Svaneke, Braenderigaenget 8. From 10.00 to 15.00. Here the glass is manufactured by a more traditional way: they are not cast, and blow out. And also allowed to see how it is done.

Baltic Sea Glass. Gudhjem, MelstedVej 47. From 10.00 to 17.00. In this store it is necessary to buy vases with characteristic grades – the so-called Baltic Wave.

What else to view

Typically Bornholm architecture – four round churches. In fact, these temples built in the XI-XII centuries., More similar to the fortress towers with walls of a half-meter thickness and isochi roofs. There is a version that the distances between these churches and their proportions are calculated in accordance with the secret numeric science of the Templars and what exactly on Bornholm Knights-Teams allegedly buried the treasures of the Order – the Ark of the Testament and the Claus of Grail. The version, unfortunately, is not supported by a single historical document.

The ruins of the castle Hammershus castle are very picturesque: it stands on the cliff, offering stunning views of the sea.

Closer to the bank

Where to stay

Sandy people

It is best to take the car at Rynen airport and go straight through the entire island to the picturesque east coast, staying in Svankene. From there it is convenient to do "raids" by car or even on a bike in the nearest towns – Lista, Ryu, Hudhaim. If you are attracted to the purest beach with "thereby" sand, then you should go to the southern coast.

Hotel Siemsen Gaard. Havnebryggen 9, bodies. + 45 56 61 49. In the morning of the restaurant window, you can admire the yachts at the pier. Inner courtyard with rosary and sun loungers (650 – 1025 kroons).

Camping Lyngholt Familie (Borrelyngvej 43, bodies. +45 56 48 05 74, [Email&# 160; Protected]). There is a pool.

In the Birkelund complex, in the town of Gudhaim, you can rent an apartment with all amenities, TV and internet (2-6 people., 3790-5280 DK per week) KrashaVej 33, bodies. +45 56 48 41 41, Fax +45 56 48 41 67, [Email&# 160; Protected])

Dueodde Badehotel, Sirenvej 2. The average price for double room – 600 kroons. Tel. +45 56 48 86 49,

The most delicious island on the fishing island – smoked fish. White pyramid pipes are visible everywhere, smoking, almost with each can try fish. Even here is a wonderful lamb (the sheep graze near the ruins of the medieval castle) and excellent local beer Svaneke. Other Bornholm Delicates – Black Bread, Sausages, Ham and Cheese.

Restaurant Pakhuset, Braenderigaenget 3, Svaneke. Bifshes, branded lamb, salmon. Portions huge, dish costs from 105 to 150 kroons.

Smokehouse in Svankee, Fiskergade, 12. When smoking, there is a shop and a restaurant room with roughly chilled tables and benches and sea views. Feed fish cutlets with potatoes, salmon hot smoked. Delicious smoked mackerel, which you need to drink beer Svaneke. Lunch will cost from 70 to 100 kroons.

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