Sandanski – The most popular balneological resort in Bulgaria, which is located in a picturesque place, in the sun-flooded valley at an altitude of 224 meters.

Sandanski Resort offers tourists Improvement in three balneological hospitals, a resort clinic was opened in Sandanski. Here you can swim in the thermal pool at which there is a spacious beach. Tourists are also waiting for the kinesitherapy halls, gyms, gyms.

It should be noted that the climate of Sandanski resort in Bulgaria is ideal for travelers with diseases of the respiratory organs: here you can heal from asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia. In addition, the resort became famous for mineral water, which is beneficial affecting the gastrointestinal tract and the state of the kidneys. And this is not all: in the resort of Sandanski, you can undergo a course of mud, underwater massage, to do therapeutic gymnastics and physiotherapy.

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Interestingly, the resort offers tourists excellent sports opportunities. Also, the popular mountain route starts from here, which passes through the territory of the National Park, consisting of major reserves.

The infrastructure of the resort is developed excellent: there are bars and restaurants, concert halls, cinemas, several tennis courts.

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