Sand vertical racing

If I am asked about the very bright impression of recent time, I will answer one foreign word: Safari. Although it may be used not in a very accurate sense: in the United Arab Emirates, safari means dizzying races on sand vegans. Dozens of people and tourists from different countries of the world are sent for the daily portion of adrenaline in the desert daily from around the world and local residents. And, right, not in vain!

A jeep ride on the Barghanam Arabian desert – a real adventure

Up-down, right-left! Down-down! Oh oh! The dark driver with the traditional name Abdullah seemed to be processed with the car. Holding the steering wheel with one hand, the second he presses the mouth for which he gives the command to the rest of the four jeepam. What is characteristic: it is not tied with a seat belt, but some miracle is held in a vertical position. The main work of Abdullah is a policeman, and Safari is a hobby.

– We will now fall into the abyss! – Someone shouts. No, not someone, I scream! But why is it not scary, even fun and wants even more we were shaking and wind. As if filmed cinema and heppi-end guaranteed.

Although it seems to be a trick above the program. The car almost lies on the board, all the sharply throws them to the right, then – R-times – in the opposite direction.

– Stop, – commands Abdullah. – Come out. It’s time to watch Sunset.

Sunset in the desert is beautiful. Bright red sun bowl quickly descends for Barhan. Immediately cold. Becomes heard how to rustle the sand under there is from where the wind. In the desert, it is customary to walk barefoot (and forget you about these scorpions and snakes!), and this is understandable – the feelings are unforgettable. As if it wander around the water of surprisingly comfortable temperature – the top of the rags, below – is cooler.

Higher aerobatics – clinging to the wheels for the sharp top of the vertex.

With difficulty, choosing from the machine who tilted over the broken break, we are surprised to evaluate the situation as a lot of emergency. Rubber tire almost crawled from the wheel. CONFERENCE TACKS COOL COFTS! And this is despite the fact that before the start of the trip, the drivers specifically pumped out part of the air from the tire – so that the cars were tightly pressed against the ground. Passengers from neighboring, apparently, not so dashing crews, look at us with a mixed feeling – envy and gloating. And there are carved cars around – there is a rumped bumper, half-plated sand, here the wheel.

– Yes, I am a crazy driver! – Neither by anyone reports Abdullala. And suggests those who want to be scared) to transfer to other cars. We refuse together. We have already managed to taste this sweet poison – constantly increasing the concentration of adrenaline, from which it is very acute and noticeable to live.

– Go! – Toping we Abdullalu. This word he knows well.

– Bush! – Suddenly, a neighbor Alina, a student from Tyumen. All five passengers immediately loudly pick up this battle cry. So we want to attract the attention of the driver to a lonely tree, in which, how we are sure, it will certainly be shortened.

Sand vertical racing

– Bush? What is it? – asks the driver in English, sharply throwing the steering wheel right. Unhappy Saksaul Safety. And at the same time we translate the spirit.

But not for long. Our jeep slowed down only for a moment to immediately start storming the sheer sand wall. In some way the yellow-brown surface is crossed by ripples of those who furked these slopes to us. But our driver does not like to repeat someone’s way – he throws a car on a smooth intact surface.

Once on the top of the bright yellow sandy mountain, we estimate on the eyes – the height of its minimum meters 60, the coolness of the slope – degrees 45.

The chauffeur with almost 20 years of experience, founded among tourists, admitted: "If I was told about the fact that these Arabs get out on jeeps, I would not believe. As a chauffeur, I would surely say: "Such gerants in the sand are impossible!"

Disembarking tourists, drivers are delayed, showing a class – jeeps, like insane beetles, clamped on the slopes, brake dramatically, hang over the slope. I want to watch and look at it, not distracted even on photographing, although it was all stood for this.

– Like all? – We ask with almost imperceptible relief when the jeep is chosen on a smooth surface and lights illuminating the highway. Abdullah throws a car forward, sideways, ahead.

And then picks up on the asphalt and includes music. Shows completed. But it is unforgettable.

Sand vertical racing

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