Sand skiers

This snapshot was made in Egypt in 1939 and captured camel challers. by ski. True, if I really want a snowy winter (while you, maybe I have never seen the snow in my life), nothing prevents riding in the sand. I must say that sandboarding (skiing on the sand on the board) and sandsticks (skiing) in our days became very popular sports. Unlike traditional sliding in the snow, during skating on the sand in motion, the upper layers are given. At the same time ride it is recommended for a slightly wet surface. Popular Sandboarding Sandbording In Egypt, Australia and Japan.

Mystery of red planet

Admire the spectacular video mounted from panoramic pictures of NASA from Mars. They can see the stone scape and sand dunes, crater and rocky platea, which cover the mysterious red planet. By the way, you know that the diameter of Mars is approximately half less than the diameter of the Earth? At the same time, the weight of the planet is only 10% of the earth. On Mars is the highest mountain in the Solar System – Volcano Olympus. It formed for millions of years and rises 27 km in height! Maybe we will live to the moment when we will carry us on the excursion? See also the video, as Mars could look like 4 billion years ago, and read the interview with the popularizer of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčcolonization of this planet.

Wow, Garpia!

South American Garpians are found in Mexico, Central and South America and are among the largest predators on the planet. The scope of the wings of this bird exceeds 2 m, and the length of claws reaches 10 cm (this is greater than the Grizzly bear!). The beak, as the Indians believed, it can smack the human skull with one blow. Birds are powered in the main sloths and monkeys, but if you can drag even a dog or a small roe. By the way, if a person inadvertently goes to the territory of Harpia, he can also become an object of her attack – she will defend her land. Earlier, "my planet" talked about the biggest (fortunately, extinct) Bird on Earth – Argentavis.

Sand skiers

Like fish in water

Admire how this rescued otter is rejoiced (find out about other types of fauna, which survived due to human intervention)! You know that there are 13 species of these animals in the world and almost all of them are still under threat of extinction? Actually, only one species flourishes – North American. But the populations of the rest are gradually reduced.

Odds very respect American Indians. Many tribes believe that they bring good luck, and refer to their symbol of honesty and loyalty. Other people are afraid of otters, considering them by the personification of the river notchiness, which catches people and drags on the bottom. Meanwhile, in antiquity, Zoroastrians, the otter was considered to be sacred and it was forbidden to kill it. If the animal was found in nature dead, then for him they even organized a separate mortgage ceremony.

Sand skiers

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