Sand sculptures in the Japanese desert Tottori

Remember Mo post about deserts? In particular, that even in a little Japan there is a small desert Tottori. Well, like a desert? Rather, the land of the earth with sand dunes. But practical Japanese even this little sand tuning was able to turn into an international project, namely in the museum of sculptures from sand.

More precisely, this is a festival, because, as you know, works of art of sand – very short-lived.

In general, the essence of this event is the same as at the Festival of Ice Sculptures in Harbin. Every year, at the same time, masters who know how to sculpt something more large-scale, rather than cakes on the beach.

Each of the participants is a master of their case, because it is completely difficult to welcome from a rash material London Big Ben.

Then the finished work is set on a universal review until they get out of finally.

It is noteworthy that sand sculptures are not pushed simply, on maybe, depending on the inspiration of the master.

Every year the organizers set a certain topic. For example: Olympic Games in London, History of Great Britain, Africa, Safari and Other.

Depending on which side the wind is blowing world changes and what is there in the trend.

Sand sculptures in the Japanese desert Tottori

Here, for example, what the workflow looks like:

Karen Fralich from Canada finishes the work "British Science – Legend of Sare Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin".

Latest touches in the process of working on sculpture "Absolute monarchy with the authorities of Queen Elizabeth I". Master – Ilya Filimitsev from Russia.

Another talented master completes his creation entitled "British Literature William Shakespeare".

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