Sand monsters

If the animal of the world was given a medal to heroine mothers, Surinameskaya Pipa would be the first in line for her receipt (learning also about the best animals dad)! The fact is that the headastrics live in mom-tob to two and a half months. Moreover, live literally – in holes on her body. Ensure yourself looking at the photo.

The fact is that on his back Pipa wears all the masonry of eggs. Each of the future young gets its "hotel room". Place eggs on the back tokets helps the male. Pipa can postpone more than hundreds of eggs and pulls them on himself 80-85 days. During this time, the frogs are fully formulated in cells and leave them ready for life. When all the children persuade into adulthood, the toad rubs about stones or plants and erases skin residues.

What we do in the shade

If you saw the shadow of this two-headed multi-ninexian separately from the animal himself, it would probably be frightened (read also about how children are frightened in different countries, except for multi-indoor)! It looks very impressive. This insect is named so because on the segments of his body there are two pairs of legs. When Multious kids are born, there are only six legs, or three pairs. With age, the insect is lengthened, it is growing with additional body segments, and the number of legs can reach hundreds! And the males of two-headed multicotions attract the lady hearts by songs and … massage. The fact is that the female multicacies often take cavalier cavaliers and turn into a spiral. Then the male climbs her on his back and begins to walk along her so that the female finally relaxed.

Royal blood

Sand monsters

In this picture of 1956, the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II and Benin Ruler Both Akenzua II. Grandfather Akenzua II Ovongladen Rules Benin in 1878, when the British invaded the country and subordinate to the state to their influence. Ovomramovna deprived the throne and sent to exile. However, his son, grandson and descendants retained title and status. It is curious that her daughter Akenzua II called Elizabeth. Earlier, "my planet" published material about the famous Praprababushka of the British Queen, Queen Victoria, whose name is named by a whole era and which is generally called "Babushka Europe".

Best friend

A moment of milot. Cute koala became the subject of close attention of a bright butterfly! By the way, did you know that the fingerprints of the kalay fingers (like a person) can not always be distinguished with the microscope? These animals are found only in Australia, they feed exclusively by eucalyptus leaves. Moreover, in choosing food, they are very legible and eating only 120 types of eucalyptus from 800 growing on the continent. Learn more about friendship between animals from the photo project "My Planet".

Sand monsters

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