Sand Figures Festival in Weston

It is all warmer and warmer on the street, the sun shines everything brighter and brighter, which means that the long-awaited summer is not far off. Summer is the traditional time of vacation, rest, traveling and festivals. Especially those festivals that, one way or another, are associated with beaches. These can be a variety of beach parties, electronic music festivals, bikini contests or very popular sandy sculptures festivals.

In fact, the festivals of sand sculptures are very much, as it is pretty accessible and inexpensive way of self-expression and massive entertainment, so they are satisfied with almost everywhere, where there are sandy beaches, including in St. Petersburg, for example. But I will tell you about the largest and famous sandy festival in the world – Weston Sand Sculpture Festival or Sand Sculpture Festival in Weston.

Weston or Weston-Super-Mare is the famous resort in the UK, he is famous for its extended and wide sandy coastal stripe. Swim and sunbathe here is unlikely to succeed in pleasure because of the bottom of the bottom and wind weather, but build sandy figures – please, how much please.

What and engaged in the 2006th year two sculptors from Holland, built on the Weston Coast, as the story on the official website of the festival –, a giant figure of King Cong, to which they have left about 30 tons of sand. This idea had such a success that the next year eight sculptors from all over Europe came to Weston, and 4 huge sculptures were built, a total weight of 120 tons.

In general, the annual festival was founded spontaneously, which was enthusiastically supported by local authorities, public, tourists and lovers to sculpt her horses from around the world.

Sand Figures Festival in Weston

The festival has already traditionally opens on March 29 and lasted as much as September 30. During this time, professional sculptors and nuggets from among the lovers from all over the world have time to build huge sandy installations, which, thanks to the unique properties of the sandstone of the Weston Beach, can stand and delight the eyes safe and preservation for several months.

In 2013, the theme of the festival will be Hollywood. Before that, the topics of the festival were already fairy tales, the continents of the world, United Kingdom, the ocean, jungle, entertainment and games.

Two dozen sculptors have already begun to create their masterpieces on themes of star warriors, the Lord of the Rings, the Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and T.D. All sculptures are designed specifically for the festival in Weston, and you can only see them in the original there.

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