Sand and small beaches in Abkhazia

On the territory of Abkhazia, due to the features of local geology, very little sandy beaches. In most cases, it is either very small pebbles, either a mixture of different fractions, or the strip of pebbles of varying degrees of grinding.

The best of small beaches is, of course, a long (up to 7 km) of Pitsunda Coast, framing almost the entire peninsula, where this resort is located. Its width ranges from 50 to 15 meters, there are sections with very fine pebbles and large sand, there are stony fragments (for the most part over the coastal line). Entrance to the sea is quite gentle, so this coast is most suitable for recreation with children. His outstanding plots are very popular – in the area of ​​a long closed fish region (local residents and call this beach – "Fish"), Lidzava (Ledza), monastic gorge (Agaraca), as well as the narrow sandy shore between Inkit and Cape Pitsunda (sometimes this beach is called "Golden Sands").

Sand and small beaches in Abkhazia

In the southeastern part of Sukhum, there is a good sandy (rather this is very small pebbles) the beach called "Sinop". Like all the Abkhaz shores, not owned by hotels, it is free and has a good entrance from the seaside highway. In the south-western part of the city is the same on the structure of the shore beach "Medical", However, there is much more petty pebbles.

In the center of the new Athos there is a small sector of the coast with very fine pebbles – the so-called "Turkish beach".

Sand and small beaches in Abkhazia

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