Sand and gold one

Geographic affiliation to the Middle East All "the average" In the United Arab Emirates is exhausted, because the rest is the most. Arab Emirates – the safest place on earth, for which the prize is awarded "Golden Globe". Per capita income here is one of the highest in the world. Emirates have the largest shopping center and the highest and luxurious hotel planet. Ultra-modern airports, hundreds of sparkling skyscrapers, high-speed highways, blooming gardens on the place of fruitless desert – and all this thanks to the board of the most wise and fair sheikh hare. Sheikh Zaid Ben Sultan Al Najiani – a man is not just noticeable. It is loved and respect not only residents of the country, but also leaders and politicians of other Islamic states who recognized Sheikh Zaid "The most prominent Islamic personality of the outgoing century".

It is thanks to the initiative of Sheikh Zaid in December 1971. Seven Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Elfujara, Umm El Caivine, Ajman and Ras El High – became one state united Arab Emirates. Subsequent thirty years, the Emirates developed rapidly. The basis of the country’s prosperity is the richest reserves of oil and gas, and the merit of Sheikh Zaid, all these years a permanent manager of the country, is that it effectively invests profits from oil production in the development of the country’s infrastructure.

Indigenous Arabs are very conservative in clothes. Men wear long White Handurry Shirts to Fift and Gutra’s Shawls held on the head thick rolled cord-needle. They say that the current silk igal comes from the ancient Bedouin habits to wear a rolled camel ruling on his head.

With the apparent monotony of clothes, local residents manage to show personality and demonstrate their welfare. Rich Arabs wear Gundura from incumbent Omansky cotton with pearl buttons and braided black silk igal, certainly handmade. In combination with sandals from the finest crocodile skin, everything looks quite respectable.

In addition to Gundura, every wealthy Arab has a good European costume, and not one, but to wear it in his homeland is considered indecent. And the Europeans are prohibited to appear in public places in National Arabic clothes. If you dream about Gundura, then buy it, of course, you can, but we have to wear at home.

Arab women’s clothing looks more than modest – they are off the heads to the heads in black. But at the same time, local residents are frequent guests of the most expensive boutiques Abu Dhabi and Dubai, where the colorful outfits of famous world brands are engaged in lively. And it’s all in order to paint in front of your beloved husband: only he is allowed to see beauty in secular outfits. Discrimination in clothing – black outfit, leaving open only narrow eye strip, gives a small fun advantage to Arab women-motorists. Driving a car in a traditional black dress, which makes it difficult to review, unsafe. The output was found: a woman behind the wheel is allowed to remove the Chad, but at the same time deeply darkening the glasses in his car – so that no one outsider can see her face. Male drivers can afford only easy tinting of their cars.

Another privilege of Arab women is a weekly Women’s Day. True, festive colors and gifts for ladies do not give, but in the salons, fitness centers and even water parks entrance these days – only for women. Therefore, going to the whole family in the water park, do not be lazy to learn in advance when there is a female day.

On cars in Emirates, everything is not surprising for the country where gasoline is cheaper than drinking water. Roads here are excellent – straight, wide, with perfect coating. The only thing that poisons the life of the Emirates Traffic Services is sandstorms and hamsins, which, unlike Moscow Blizels, are all year round. As far as we could see, the sand after the storm disappears from the highways much faster than the snow from Moscow roads.

Riding here is quite safe, and if you prefer independent travel, then in the emirations it is possible to rent a car. There are no boundaries between the Emirates – that you have already left, for example, from Abu Dhabi and rush in Dubai, you can guess only on the changed shops of roadside lights.

Like ours, the inhabitants of the Emirates attach great importance to the license plate signs of their cars. We have a prestigious or happy number one in which all three numbers are the same, and special chic – the number series "Three letters O". In the emirates, the rooms on the machines of simple mortals are five-digit, and the fewer numbers in the car number, the higher the status of the owner. The three-digit number means that the author of an influential local family, two-digit numbers – on the cars of the relatives of Sheikhov. And the luxurious cars themselves are only one digit on the number – Sheikhs are respected here. Definite!

Roadside Picnic

In accordance with Muslim tradition, day off is Friday, and the holiday celebration begins in the evening of Thursday. Amazing painting we watched Abu Dhabi. With the sunset on herbal lawns in the parks, on the side of the avenues and even on the wide road dividing stripes, the whole families were located on picnics. It turned out that family departure to the picnic – the traditional Arab European fiction. Heads of families with their four wives, Chads and households are loaded into the trunk cars Plastic tables and chairs, mangals, meat for kebabs (special skewers are sold in any supermarket), hookah and traveling to a picnic. True, the picnic, according to our our concepts, is defective: Strict laws of the Quran prohibit the use of alcoholic beverages, although the real dry law is valid only in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Picnics continue to deep night. Men are frying kebabs, smoke a hookah and rest after another leisurely working week, not paying attention to the machines passing by.

By the morning of Friday, there are no slightest trail from picnics on lawns – everything is carefully removed by the expatriate wipers. Expatriates are residents of neighboring less rich countries (India, Pakistan, Iran) who come to the Emirates in search of work. The influx of expatriates into the country is huge. Today for 500 thousand. Local residents account for almost 2.5 million expatriates, which constitute the main labor force of the country.

Casino and gambling are prohibited in United Arab Emirates. But Arabs – the people are hot, and the output of emotions they give on gambling – camel runs, falcon hunting or jumps of famous Arab stallions. Participation in similar contests – the pleasure is not cheap: the race stallion cost the son of Sheikh at $ 7 million. Racing camels cheaper, but only compared to the stallions: the camel costs about a million dollars, and the price of hunting falcon is $ 50 thousand. However, in a country where every 55th resident – a millionaire, many can afford similar weaknesses.

Tourists have the most popular camel running. To get on them is easy, in the cool season they pass weekly in every emirate and are accompanied by a traditional Arabic bazair. Running camels are prepared on special farms. Usually, strong, hardy camels of special light breed are involved in the runs (they are easier for training than camels males). Those who had a chance to visit camel runs, argue that the spectacle is exciting and fascinating, and it is equally interesting to observe both camels, and behind their temperamental hosts.

If the camel runs – the spectacle is publicly available, then a falcon hunting privilege of local nobility. For many centuries, the hunt was not only hobbies, but also a way to diversify a poor ditch of meat drofs or a steppe hare.

Sokolina hunting for modern Arabs – Prestigious sport and passion. Sheikh Zhaid, a passionate fan of a falcon hunt, wrote a book "Sokolina Hunt – Our Arabic Heritage". However, taking care of the preservation of rare species of wild animals, Sheikh banned the hunt in Abu Dhabi, and lovers of national hunting in the spring are sent with their falcon to the neighboring Pakistan, where they indulge in the main hobby of their lives.

Most Highs endowed the Arab Emirates adverse climatic conditions. The sandy soil is very washed, the air temperature in the summer reaches 55 degrees Celsius, but the main thing is dry: only five rainy days fall out for the year. However, all this did not prevent the sheikh go to turn, it would seem, a fruitless desert in a flowering garden, a man-made oasis with all the benefits of modern civilization.

Today, driving on Abu Dhabi or Dubai, it is difficult to believe that you are in the Arabian desert: the range of gardens and parks, palm trees, eucalyptus, decorative shrubs and wonderful lawns. And all this is grown with 100% artificial irrigation – if you look at, you can see that the hoses of irrigation systems stretch to the trunk of each tree. They say the first seedlings were brought here from India and Pakistan, and now grow in the Emirates themselves.

The greatest place is natural – naturally, the capital of Abu Dhabi, where dozens of gardens and parks give a pleasant cool to tourists and local residents. And the shady central embankment on the abundance of palm trees could well be called "Palm Promenade", but more often called it "Embankment Fontanov".

Fountains here too many – "Volcano", "Pearls", "Swans", "Dolphins". And all of them are beautiful, especially in the evenings, when the iridescent jets of water are fancy highlighted by spotlights. Electricity in the Emirates is cheap, and on lighting and illumination here do not save.

But the green splendor gets expensive, and belong to the precious landings carefully. Although no one rebels there are dates from palm trees or resting on the lawn, the deliberate damage of trees is considered a serious crime and punishable with imprisonment or expulsion from the country. So do not leave autographs on the trunks of the faced palm trees.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are striking sparkling skyscrapers – blue, white, steel, translucent.

Sand and gold one

The highest buildings in the Persian Gulf Region today is Emirates Towers, Dubai "Twins". Two tall towers, open only a year ago, took the palm "Altitude" Championship in the snow-white building of the Dubai Center for International Trade. However, the title of the first skyscraper of the region will continue at the center of the center.

Panoramic view of Abu Dabian Skyscrapers from the Persian Gulf – Business Card City. Dominant Luxury Panorama – Blue Halltone Hotel Hllton. I do not confuse the skyscraper of the telecommunications company Etisalat – his roof is crowned with a giant ball. The capital of the Emirates is sometimes called Manhattan of the Middle East. Only, unlike New York, here is a high-rise panorama "interrupt" Runkers of minarets – an indispensable attribute of each Islamic country.

Most of the mosques in Abu Dhabi. Virtually anywhere in the city you can see several bizarrely decorated minarets: in the Muslim city there should be no place where the cry of Mullah would not be heard. Therefore, the construction of new quarters is necessarily accompanied by the construction of the mosque. Some of the modern mosques are a real work of art. For example, Jumeira Mosque in Dubai – Rare Beauty Construction of light-pink sandstone in the style of the Cairo Mosques of XIIXV centuries. It is located opposite the 5-star Dubai Marine Beach & SPA Resort. His guests have the opportunity to make a sightseeing tour of Dubai, without leaving the hotel: on the left behind the beach the openwork minarets of the mosque will come out, and the spiral tower will be seen on the right-"Twins". Skyscrapers, Mosque, Fine hotels – Main tourist attractions of Emirates. And, of course, Grand Shopping Centers.

Famous rhymed slogan Shop Till You Drop ("Buy until you fall") It is impossible to better go to Dubai shopping centers – they buy here really before falling.

The largest Dubai shopping center wears the modest name City Center (city center) and unites under its roof, in addition to 300 stores and boutiques, a giant 24-hour supermarket, cafes, restaurants, fountains, playgrounds and even chapel rooms. In the shopping center Lamsy Plaza, the largest toy department. The name of the center of Wafi speaks for itself – translated from Arabic it means "having anything". And in the center of Burjuman, the largest ring in the world is exposed to visit the public. it "Ring for Gullivier" 70 cm diameter is estimated at $ 2 million.

Little anyone managed to go to Dubai, do not overcome the local gold fever. This disease is not so painful, how fascinating and very inference. The fact is that there is a grand gold market – a whole quarter of jewelry shops and shops. Even for experienced tourists who have seen Golden Markets of Hong Kong and Thailand, Dubai Golden Souk – not easy test. Hundreds of glittering showcases offer tons of jewelry, kilometers of gold chains of all imaginable and inconceivable weaves, stunning necklaces and bracelets, place of high-quality diamonds, and all sorts of rings so much that fingers swell from countless fittings. They say that in the spring during the traditional shopping festival, more than 9 tons of gold products were sold. It is impossible to check it, but you can make your modest lept.

Happiness and lucky

Emirates are 700 km of the beautiful sand coastline of the Persian Gulf, or just the bay (with a capital letter). As his locals call, it is highly believed that their bay is the only and unique. Lowned resorts are in all emirates, but the most famous – in the emirate of Dubai, or rather in the prestigious resort area of ​​Jumeira.

The Bourges al-Arab Hotel is considered the best deserved deservedly, which means "Arab Tower". Bourges al-Arab called more "Sail" Because of the bizarre architectural form. O "Sail" Legends are already found, but it is best to see this miracle itself. Many, however, will have to be inspected and limited: accommodation in the hotel is very expensive. Although paid excursions are organized there, and everyone can for the price of daily accommodation in the ordinary five-star hotel to see which benefits provide those who live in seven-star.

And see what. The hotel is built on an artificially satched island and is asked for a height of 321 m. It has the status of a closed club with its own helicopter platform, separate beaches, well-groomed territory with fountains and waterfalls and offers its guests to choose from 202 two-storey numbers of seven categories. Presidential Super Suite with an area of ​​up to 800 kV. The description does not give in to the description, the cost of living in it is many thousands of dollars a day and in each case it is stipulated separately.

Hotel Gigant built five years. At the construction site of the century, 17% of the entire working-age population of the country worked, 3.5 thousand worked on the decoration of the gorgeous interior. designers, and the name of the architect miracle project still keeps in secret – the hotel must stay unique. Resting in Bourges Aliarab Well, a very secured people, and simply provided enjoy all the benefits of familiar five-star hotels.

However, in any hotel you are guaranteed to rest, Nega and complete relaxation. In a clean, rich country, where life is slow and pleasant, tourists relax so that they lose the bill time. Probably, therefore, in all four elevators of the Luxury Hotel InterContinental in Abu Dhabi, the daily transmission of carpets is written: "Today is monday", ". Tuesday" and T. D. The hotel administration seems to unobtrusively reminds: "Do not miss your reverse flight, gentlemen!"

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