Sanctuary of truth

The sanctuary of the truth or the temple of the truth represents a huge wooden structure created without a single nail. This temple is recognized as the world’s largest building of this type of construction. Its height is 105 meters.

The church of the truth is located in the northern part of the city of Pattia on the shore. The date of construction of the temple is considered to be 1981, that is, the temple is a modern and more transmary project, which does not prevent him from being incredibly popular among tourists and locals. However, the construction of the temple is still inconvenient, and it is connected, in particular, with the legend that as soon as the temple will be completed, his founder will die. So build and do not hurry.

A considerable role in the popularity of the temple was played by miniature wooden carved sculptures covering literally every square centimeter of the facade. Excursions on the territory of the temple are possible only group, so if you came alone or a couple, you will have to wait for a group of people who wanted to stroll through the Sanctuet of Truth.

Sanctuary of Truth Sights of Pattaya Travel Guide

On the territory of the temple twice a day the show is organized in Thai traditions – Dancing girls, sword fights, national music – All this creates a unique impression that people come to the temple of truth.

Entrance to the temple paid – from 500 baht, kids ticket 350 baht.
Temple doors are open from 9-00 to 18-00 without days off.

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