Sanctuary of Gera – Geroion

According to Gera legends, the patroness of Argos was, so one of its main temples was located here, the city’s blizzards.

Heranion is one of the most powerful, large and well-known sanctuary of the world. In ancient Rome, the temple was considered the cult center of the whole argold. Historians believe that the temple began to erect in the 7th century BC. For all his existence, the temple was repeatedly rebuilt and changed his appearance. In ancient times, the temple hall was decorated with a gilded figure of the goddess, Zeus’s wife – Gera, which was created on the project of the famous policlet sculptor. Traditions say that it was here that Agamemenon was chosen as the leader of the Greeks in the Trojan War. Hera – Mighty, powerful, jealous and cruel, but the patronage of the goddess. According to myths, she helped women in childbirth. It is believed that gera – The most majestic goddess on Olympus.

Sanctuary of Gera - Geroione Attractions of Argos Traffic Guide

Thomas Gordon, officer from Britain, became the first to discovered this sanctuary in early 19th century. Today, instead of the past, splendor tourists can only contemplate the remaining from Gerain ruins who survived Mycene tombs, the Roman bath and the remains of the foundation. But, even in this form, you can imagine all the scope of the architectural complex.

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