Sanatorium Sanatorium Sunny in Belarus – European Level Toast in Brest

Just 7 km from Brest, in Pine Forest in Belarus, there is a real toast – Sunny sanatorium. This place takes annually thousands of vacationers and those who come to the left bank of the Mukhaver River for health, new forces and a good mood. Guests here are waiting for cozy rooms, excellent service, medical and relaxing procedures, friendly and attentive staff, the resistance healing air of the Brest Polesia. The climate is favored to rest at any time of the year – winter in this edge is soft and short, but summer is long and warm.

For health and forces in "Sunny"

Sanatoriums of Belarus with treatment is a place where many have already corrected their health and returned home with new forces. In "Sunny" go to restore the functions of vital organs and forget about their illnesses. The profilatement takes guests from all over the country and those who overcome the borders, wanting to restore health. Belorussia sanatoriums help to recover and forget even about chronic diseases, including:

  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Of cardio-vascular system;
  • Sanatorium Sanatorium Sunny in Belarus - European Level Toast in Brest
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal bodies;
  • Breathing;
  • Nervous system.

Therapeutic profile is wide, because often in "Sunny" are sent by whole families. Here guests are offered not only the spectrum of therapeutic and rehabilitation procedures. Only in such a quiet, cozy, pleasant location you can plunge into the atmosphere of a full vacation, forget about the urban bustle, recharge your positive energy.

Unique service

  • Choosing a place for independent or family holidays, you should pay attention to the popular sanatoriums of Belarus with a swimming pool. In "Sunny" you can take sunbathing, swim, restore muscle tone and pull up the figure. In addition to therapeutic and preventive procedures, you can use a favorable offer and:
  • Visit spas – rebuild and cosmetic procedures;
  • Bike a bike and other equipment to study the attractions and devote time to actively strengthen;
  • Book transfer from station and back;
  • Sign up for an ultrasound study of internal organs;
  • Select yourself a suitable dietary or standard menu with a variety, but useful and nutritional dishes.

Sanatorium of Belarus "Sunny" special attention pays for children. Game and sports fields are open for them, children’s rooms. And kids up to three years of age, accompanied by adult complex.

The cost of excellent rest

To learn rates for accommodation and meals, treatment, you should look at the official website – prices for 2018 are established quite acceptable – from 65 BYN for the day of stay.

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